Knightmare MMORPG

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Knightmare MMORPG

Post by SirDoctor » Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:39 am

Hey all

Not new to the forum, was amongst those who first saw it back on challenge, but anywho forgot my old name etc.

So was watching some good old knightmare eps and it hit me that knightmare would make an EXCELLENT MMORPG style game.

the thing that would set Knightmare MMORPG apart out there would be that every 3 months the game map could reform with some new areas and characters opening up and some areas etc closing off etc for a given season or forever in line with the knightmare gameplay. Even if they just cycled through the general dungeon layouts from each series and didnt move beyond it would still be awesome.

Anyone else think theres some promise here?!


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Re: Knightmare MMORPG

Post by UnclePob » Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:49 am

I too would like to see a Knightmare online RPG of some sort :)

I'm not quite buying the MMO route though, I simply can't imagine how that would work and how true to Knightmare you'd be able to keep it. Bear in mind that the TV series had essentially Treguard, his assistant, Lord Fear, the Dungeoneer, three advisors and a multitude of scripted characters - there simply isn't room in there to accommodate a large number of public players.

Right now I'm imagining the scene where the avatar, with a bucket on his head, walks through a door into Granitas' room. In there he finds about 20 other people who look just like him (only with a different T-shirt) all with buckets on their heads, standing around the table nattering to each other while Granitas is pondering whether "NOOB!" is the answer to his first riddle ;)

Instead, I'd rather an online true-to-the-series Knightmare that utilizes online to provide storage and potential for infinite extensibility. You'd be presented with a view similar to that seen in Series 1-3, where the whole chamber is visible, and you'd control the dungeoneer directly (thus removing the need for advisors).

The levels would be scripted, but there would be a large number of Level 1, 2 and 3 scripts of which one is assigned randomly when you start to play, and is recorded as accessed on the server so that it is never repeated. That would mean you'd play through the dungeon in much the same way that we saw the game being played on the television, and much of the elements would be the same or at least very similar in feel and spirit.

It would mean that a large amount of storage space would be needed to contain all the needed files for all the permutations of each level, which would be added to regularly, and that is where online cloud storage comes in...

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