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Re:Knightmare VR Demonstrator [re-post]

Posted: Mon Jun 21, 2004 6:30 pm
by WillsOfDoom
A revised 'varied' version of the KM theme would probably need the permission of Ed Welch, and even if it were possible not to pay him, it wouldn't be doing the man the justice he deserves. Whatever the new theme tune is, I hope it's as memorable and as loved as the original.

Goblin names? - Ripper, Snorke, Aalrak, Purzel, Vort, Muderer, Grishnach (Nah, this is a Lord of the Rings one), Gheist. Playing around with ugly sounds is cool.

Re:Knightmare VR Demonstrator [re-post]

Posted: Tue Jun 22, 2004 4:31 pm
by Malefact
beveryafraid wrote: Thanks for all suggestions and comments in this thread.
Grolsch would be a good goblin name if the lager company didn't sue us.....
Ed Welch wrote the original Knightmare theme, but I probably can't afford to use it again.
Trouble is its contracted on 1986 terms, which means very time a Knightmare series is sold to say - Challenge - Ed earns more than most of the cast.
It's not his fault - it's just contracts.
Please don't get frustrated when you encounter comments from a KM fan who wants everything as it was.
I don't, as it's actually very flattering that they/you liked it so much. Also when something's a landmark in you're childhood, and revision can seem like sacrilege.
BTW, there's nothing new about making KM a global media brand.
In 1990 we sold versions to France and Spain, and almost to Germany. Would have sold to the US with 'Lords of the Game' but they weren't prepared to cope with blue-screen issues with less lines and NTSC.

Incidentally if we had sold to Germany, Knightmare would not have finished. We could have afforded to carry on making programmes ourselves and sold them on the open market - as opposed to commissioned market.
The helmet blindfold and the crude compositing were great at the time, but torturously slow.
Many of you in the threads wonder why so many good, bright teams perished by making such dreadful mistakes?
You should understand that with up to an hour and a half to wait between scenes (often lasting only 1 min 40 secs) it was almost impossible to maintain good concentration. When you watch a 24 miunute show, you are often watching (particularly in series 3/4) up to 2 days of work & play.

best wishes

I had a feeling that the situation regarding the theme tune would be like this. Having a different theme tune open up the show would be a bit difficult to swallow (in purely irrational/sentimental terms) but the original theme was new back in 1987 and the show got its fan base. If the new series works its magic then I don't see how the situation could be different.

(Please don't have anything 'techno' or 'nu-metal', though. ;))

It must have been very interesting to see how the new game played out compared to the old one. I'm guessing that it was played continuously, as opposed to the hour-plus breaks between scenes in the old format that you mention.

A thought occurs: this new continuity might benefit the show enormously. In the old, disjointed style, teams might have got a bit worked up but the tension might have dispelled a bit during breaks. In a mostly continuous quest, this won't be the case. Also, being live, the increasing tension of the proceedings will be very detectable by the audience on all levels. Consequently, the show might evoke a kind of empathy on the part of the audience that wasn't possible before.

Thanks for staying with us. Much :)

Re:Knightmare VR Demonstrator [re-post]

Posted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 5:45 pm
by WillsOfDoom
"Please don't have anything 'techno' or 'nu-metal' though."

Uggh! That would be absolutely horrible. A complete no-no. Perhaps the new theme should have a similar style to the old one (ie - sort of neo-classical).

Re:Knightmare VR Demonstrator [re-post]

Posted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 6:31 pm
by MoanaLiza
Well if any of the theme music simalar to any of the original ones is to be used, I prefer the series 6-8 theme music and the titles also.

Re:Knightmare VR Demonstrator [re-post]

Posted: Sat Nov 20, 2004 9:34 pm
by jaydrive
My view on the theme tune is this -

the one we all currently know and love should stand for the bluescreen era of the Dungeon Dimension.

Let the new generation of fans enjoy a new tune for a new era.

I know i'd love to have a shot at questing (as would many others) in both old and new formats, but being 22, i think my luck would hold better with the TimeGate rather than the Dungeon Dimension.

I don't know if BVA is accepting names just in case, but if BVA does, i will quite happily send him my contact details as and when needed, for either TG or KMVR.

The Greater Game's evolved over the years, so let the theme music evolve. It worked on Red Dwarf from the ochestral to "Fun Fun Fun in the Sun Sun Sun." (Opening Credits Reference for anyone who remembers)

Besides, BVA's gotten loads of feedback from just posting a demo vid, i'm sure he'd let us demo the new theme music to go with it.

And there's nothing stopping old cameos (Maybe the eyeshield in the Antechamber? The Helm of Justice sat around in the distance? A picture frame with a difference Knightmare character in it each week?)

I'm still looking forward to seeing the Greater Game make it's return, even though a few comprimises have to made. After all, it's better than not at all, now, isn't it?