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Posted: Sat Dec 12, 2015 3:01 pm
by JamesA
I went to this last night, it's the new(ish) live comedy project of Paul Flannery (aka Knightmare Live's Treguard).

The show has three people randomly picked from the audience and each one is assigned a character - either a mage, thief or warrior. Each player comes up with their own character name, it can be something as simple as Bob or as bit more extravagant such as Ken Woodchef. The characters also choose what race they are be it for example human, elf or dwarf and then the fun begins.

MMORPG is a lot more improvisation-based than Knightmare Live and generally involves outcomes being decided on the roll of a 20-sided dice and items based on suggestions directed to Paul in his role of gamesmaster. Without wanting to give too much else away, it was a lot of humourous fun and as I've said before, the show is a lot more spontaneous than Knightmare Live (although both shows are equally just as enjoyable) and I would definitely recommend it to everyone if you are into the Dungeons & Dragons style roleplaying element.

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