Series 7 - Episode 1

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Re: Series 7 - Episode 1

Post by Canadanne » Sat Jan 14, 2012 11:53 pm

I'm always slightly bewildered as to why one of Simon's advisors calls Romahna "him" - she's not exactly masculine in voice or figure!

I love the way Rothberry produces the spyglass seemingly out of nowhere, it's very well done. :)

Nice how Lord Fear describes Simon's current location as "the third subsection of Level 1" - he is indeed in the third room, not including the dwarf tunnels at the start.

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Re: Series 7 - Episode 1

Post by AriadnesLayer » Thu Aug 22, 2013 8:57 pm

Simon: Can you tell me where smirkenorff is?
Rhomanna: No!
Simon (offended) Why not?!

;D ;D

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Re: Series 7 - Episode 1

Post by pjmlfc05 » Thu Aug 22, 2013 9:04 pm

Ha! I do believe Simon was probably the rudest dungeoneer of Knightmare. Treguard had to prompt the team a couple of times that a degree of politeness wouldn't go amiss!! ;D
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Re: Series 7 - Episode 1

Post by Morghanna » Thu Sep 24, 2020 2:49 pm

Series 7 took a long time to kick-off. Both the opening with Lord Fear and the subsequent scene with Treguard & Majida seemed rather lengthy. Not sure about her yet, but then i preferred the program when Treguard didn't have an assistant anyway....

Opening scene had a new character Romahna, the guardian of Smirky. Absolute howler from Simon, who called her a liar, forgetting that she could hear him when he spoke to his advisors. ;D ;D That went down like a lead balloon.
In the clue area they took the grimlock & keys. They also took a lot of time....
Next up was another new character Rothberry, an friendly apothecary with some dismal puns. Traded the grimlock for a spyglass. This revealed LF with his new entity, the brollachan, which seemed like a kind of menacing hybrid of wall monster, door monster and blocker.
Then another new character, Fidjit, who was an amiable lock-picker. Traded their keys for a "SIGHT" spell.
In the next courtyard, they passed on their knowledge to Romahna, which got them out of her bad-books.
In the dwarf tunnels they received a heavy prompt from Majida (well, she basically told them) to use their spell. Not sure why, it looked like the advisors could see as well as teams usually could....

This opening episode seemed rather slow-paced. Not sure if it was due to the introduction of several new characters, the team's indecisiveness or a general slowing of the plot. There seemed more eye-shield sequences than were typical in S6. :(

Team 1 are certainly enthusiastic. Their approach reminds me of series 5 team 3, who also had a dungeoneer who was rather outspoken and who were also very indecisive. Wonder if it will cost this team dearly as well....
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