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Re:Series 5 Episode 9 (Fri. 7th)

Posted: Sun Sep 05, 2004 5:58 pm
by HarveyTowers
I would rather have scene a Lord Fear final encounter, but if he wants to delegate so be it.

Aesandra gave a clue by saying "You might as well fight fire with fire" which, rather cryptically, lead to using the FREEZE spell.

Presumably, if the team had used FIRE, Aesandra's would have been stronger and they would have been killed. Does anyone know what level Hordriss is at this Series?

I only as because technically they could have FIREd Aesandra and dispelled FREEZE to free the sword.

Treguard and Pickle present the prize themselves, I believe the first time exactly 2 characters have been presnt at the presentation (we've either had 1 or 3 until now)

Enjoyed the little summary of the winning quest under the titles.

Note that from now on teams are only given the choice of three clue objects.

Re:Series 5 Episode 9 (Fri. 7th)

Posted: Mon Sep 06, 2004 7:53 pm
by MoanaLiza
Just a thought though as this may sound stupid, or not make sense, but I would've thought that with Aesandre living in an icy cold place then she would have threatened them with cold such as to freeze them. Also loving the cold, she would've been against any sort of fire spell as it would've made the place warm. Unless she was going attack Ben with blue fire. (Hope that made sense.)

Re: Series 5 Episode 9 (Fri. 7th)

Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:41 am
by Pooka
I personally think she was going to attack Ben with some sort of cold, maybe a blue version of whatever fireball graphic the production team had on hand. Still, it was a final encounter and Ben had the spells, the team weren't dumb enough to use FIRE against an ice sorceress, it was very unlikely that he was going to die.

I've just rewatched this quest for the first time in years - in fact, I think it's the longest it's been between me watching two winning quests. I love this team. They're perhaps the youngest team to ever win (maybe tied with Dunstan's team, I dunno really), and they deserved it. There aren't really any signs of being "helped" by the production team (a complaint levied at a few winning teams by some people, although I think that's also unfair). They had a slightly unremarkable start and were quite slow when it came to doing the causeways, but they got better as they went on. The advisors were smart and steady in their thinking, and Ben got a lot more confident as he went along, especially in his talking - he thought for himself.

The dialogue with Elita is a good example. Unlike the team beforehand, who died as a result of taking far too long to decide and provoked her wrath, Ben kept the discussion going, asking her for some magic, information or a bone - giving her a choice; clearly, she had the last of the latter and he kept her interested without trying her patience too much. The scene with Hordriss is the same sort of thing. Not too short, not too long.

Very good guiding on the final causeway. I like this idea of a challenge following the final encounter, and a way back into Knightmare Castle through the front door! Very smart.

Lovely to see the team cheer. They look very chuffed. And who can blame them? An excellent victory.

Re: Series 5 Episode 9 (Fri. 7th)

Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2011 2:38 pm
by Canadanne
Pooka wrote:Lovely to see the team cheer. They look very chuffed. And who can blame them? An excellent victory.
Theirs is easily my favourite victory. Some of the others were so anticlimactic or awkward, but they seemed genuinely delighted and the final challenge had me on the edge of my seat. I love the overly excitable advisor too, who takes such obvious pride in his spellcasting. :)

Re: Series 5 Episode 9 (Fri. 7th)

Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2011 5:33 pm
by JamesA
Ah yes, John Shaw.... I wonder if he's ever managed to spend some time with the Frightknight trophy since he made that guestbook entry seven and a half years ago?

Re: Series 5 Episode 9 (Fri. 7th)

Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2011 9:33 am
by Pooka
I hope he does... he was a great advisor. If you're gonna spellcast, spellcast wholeheartedly!

Re: Series 5 Episode 9

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 6:26 pm
by Canadanne
The room where they meet Elita (which used to be the Eyeshield room) is so bizarre. Why have they added that lattice thing overhead? Why does there appear to be a giant snake on top of it? And why does nobody even mention that detail?!

Also, why does Pickle feel the need to ask "What's Elita doing in Level 3, master??", when they saw her there in the previous quest and he didn't wonder about it then!

I don't really understand what prompted all the confusion and conspiracy theories re: Ben's exit after defeating Aesandre? They tell him to go left and he does, they tell him to go through the door and he does. It's true that the audio/visual is a bit unsynchronised, with Ben responding to their directions a moment before we actually hear them, and for some reason the clip of his advisor saying "To your left!" has been looped, cutting off the part where they tell him to walk forward. But there's definitely nothing suspicious going on, it's just a sloppy edit that I didn't even notice until it was pointed out in this thread!

Brother Mace informs Jenna that "the only path to Level 2 from Level 1 in this cycle is to fly on the great wyrm, Smirkenorff". If by "cycle" he means dungeon phase (i.e. the current season), this seems an odd remark for him to make, after he was the one who introduced the Descender!!

Re: Series 5 Episode 9 (Fri. 7th)

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 11:15 am
by Pooka
Just watched this episode again and yes, there is a giant snake on top of the overhead lattice in the room where Ben meets Elita!

I can't help but wonder why it's there. I don't recall seeing that particular snake before, and I don't think it has any part to play in this particular quest. Knowing Elita, if they didn't have the gem, she probably would have just left without giving them the bone (and thus them not getting the magic from Hordriss)... but, then again, the bone was in the room all along, so what else would have happened? It's a mystery. I very much doubt the snake would have attacked.

Maybe the snake was just there as an Easter egg by the production team? Very bizarre.

Re: Series 5 Episode 9 (Fri. 7th)

Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 1:48 pm
by AriadnesLayer
It was just there for the scare factor, no other purpose.

Re: Series 5 - Episode 9

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2020 2:33 pm
by Morghanna
Team 4 resumed in the level 3 clue-"room". They almost scored a spectacular own-goal when one advisor wanted to take the dagger 8-o but thankfully the others over-ruled him. Phew!
Another appearance by Elita (and more insults :)) and they traded the new green gem for the bone they required.
A second encounter with Hordriss. Ben spoke to his advisors a little too loudly, so that Hordriss thought he was being called a dog. Cue outrage from him. ;D They sorted it out and exchanged the bone for two spells "FIRE" and "FREEZE". Hordriss explained that one spell would defeat Aesandre, the other would release their quest object.
In the next room Aesandre appeared and challenged them >:-] but they got their retaliation in first and cast "FREEZE", which trapped her.
Excellent logic from them. You might have expected that an ice sorceress would be defeated by something hot, but the team correctly reasoned that the spell which would release their quest object could hardly be "FREEZE", so they cast it on her instead. Well done! :)

The final causeway was straightforward. They were an intelligent team and worked out the patterns easily. They had not moved Ben very efficiently across the smaller hexagonal blocks of the earlier causeways, but this one was a bit more spacious. Halfway down they encountered the SHIELD, frozen in ice, and cast "FIRE" to release it. Made it thru the exit before life-force ran out. Yay! :) Team 4 were a likeable team who fully deserved their win.

Team 5 (also from Exeter) quickly arrived at the level 1 clue-area. Chose some gold and a mysterious box.
Brother Mace was on ferryman duty for a change and offered them some info during the crossing.
They encountered the glib trader Scaramonger. He gave them some free grub and he was in full flow when the bell sounded.