Series 3 - Episode 12

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Series 3 - Episode 12

Post by HarveyTowers » Mon Jul 26, 2004 7:00 pm

Treyguard told us 9 teams had challenged and 9 teams had failed.

Opened in Ka's room where Mellisandre appeared. The team decided to trust her and she lead them into the snake's tongue room. The tongue stopped to allow her to start the dungeoneer off.

Into the Brangwen-She's room. Scored 2, were told the sword was their quest but did not earn anymore knowledge - which is a bit harsh considering that they couldn't easily rule out any one item.

The scorpion sting room and bomb room followed - someone dosen't like this team.

Met Mellie who told us her name again and they swapped her an apple for her scarf. The team were dedicating their quest to her by carrying her favour the scarf. She gave them a poem including what the first step was - the hop - and the FLARE spell. She also said they were never to abandon her token.

She was followed by "an ogre-looking man" in the Dwarf Corridor and into the missing floor room (this time haunted) and onto the ledge, where she was followed by Olaf. Gave Olaf the candle who told them the second step was the handshake.

Used FLARE to reveal the wellway room and picked up bananas as a in-fall snack.

The bats were about again in the Mills of Doom. There was also a sword above the door which could have been either the quest item or a haunting. Treguard told us it was not a quest piece but "just a symbol." It may be just a symbol to you but it's life and death to them.

Met Hordriss at his desk in one of his best scenes ever. The attitude and purpose of being (with a riddle that had to be solved) He also told them the third step was strech.

The riddle was fairly easy, Imarked it out on a piece of paper and they should have been able to do it just as quickly. They took door 5 eventually and entered the level 2 clue room from the usual exit door, meaning that they had to exit up the steps which is usually forbidden.

Timed out before they could take steps in Merlin's room.
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Re:Series 3 - Episode 12

Post by Billy » Mon Jul 26, 2004 7:07 pm

Allow me to retract Friday's claim that Scott's death was fixed- the Progress Report clearly shows he takes one step off the step before falling. I guess the memory cheated!
Lot of great moments in this episode- this team are clearly KM Fans, as they asked Julie whether the jar of humbugs had anything in it! And in the bomb room, Amanda had to restrain Marie from getting too excited! Hordriss was technically a goodie for the first time today, more like his later self, rather than the 'dark grey' performance he exhibited in the earlier episodes. Anyone notice that they came in through the left door and exited up the stairs in the Level 2 clue room, rather than the other way round?

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Re:Series 3 - Episode 12

Post by 123Pooka » Mon Jul 26, 2004 7:13 pm

There were some good moments in this episode, including (I think) the first time we see Hordriss 'testing' dungeoneers.

Melisandre had somewhat a big role in this quest. She helped Julie and friends a lot more than many characters would, guiding Julie through the serpent's tongue chamber, and giving her a step, some food, and a spell!

Enjoyed seeing the mills of doom, a change from the spindizzy.

I've noticed something suspicious about quests in series 3 so far. The majority of quests that have the Brangwenshe clueroom are more successful- perhaps Galgarach is bad luck. Just a thought.
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Re:Series 3 - Episode 12

Post by 123Pooka » Mon Jul 26, 2004 7:20 pm

Yeah. Perhaps after Scott's quest they thought it would be different, and perhaps this means there was a less likely chance of Julie's team doing the same as Scott's team, imagining a door that wasn't there!
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Re:Series 3 - Episode 12

Post by Tom41 » Mon Jul 26, 2004 7:25 pm

I liked how Mellisandre didn't give any clues about what was actually in the two rooms (snake pit and serpent's tongue), but just told the dungeoneer to trust her ;)
This time they got off the serpent's tongue and onto the side passageway, rather than through the mouth.

Next, the clue room. Scored 2/3 on Brangwen's riddles. Although they scored 2/3, she said that no other knowledge was earned - just the object of the quest! The team took the scarf and the lantern (left the humbugs).

Got past the scorpion without the maid's help this time. The advisers kept telling her to stop and start, and I think they _just_ got stung but were let off. The dungeoneer actually exited through the wall - didn't sidestep to the right for the door ;)

Just escaped from the bomb room in time! Notice that the fuse animation was frozen on the 1st 'lit' frame, rather than the initial 'unlit' frame.

In the kitchen, gave the scarf to Mellisandre, and gained some food as well as some clues and a FLARE spell (in the form of a riddle)

I liked how they sped up in the tunnel because the ogre was chasing!

Also liked how they tried to get over that diagonal gap in the 'missing tiles' room, making the dungeoneer wave her leg around! Then a skull appeared to hurry them up!

Next, Olaf was trying to 'lootings' them, so had to give him the lantern. Also Olaf gave them a 'step' clue.
The next room was completely dark with just a skull! However, they did have the FLARE spell, so cast it to light the room up ;D. The skull damaged their life force, but they got food on the edge of the wellway just before going into Level 2.

Look closely and you'll see one white pixel near the bottom of the screen in the darkened room. When the room lightens up, it turns to a black pixel - and disappears when the dungeoneer passes it! Perhaps that's where a second skull would appear, but they didn't need to use it to hurry the team up ;)

Oddly, came straight into the Mills of Doom in Level 2, rather than the Spindizzy. CGI bats were added to the Mills in this series, but they were too high up to harm the dungeoneer.
They tried to make the dungeoneer wave her arms up at the exit to get the sword, but Treguard said it's not a quest piece - just a symbol.

Met Hordriss in the 5-door cyan room. Hordriss warned them about a 'dreadful fate' that awaits them, and gave them a number puzzle to determine which door to take. They took the extreme left door.

In the room which usually is the Level 2 clue room, there was only some food on the table and nothing else (except a skull to chase them). Oddly, they entered and exited the room from the 'wrong' ends!

Timed out just after entering Merlin's room, before they'd had a chance to invoke any steps.
We had a knice 'clean' view of the Mills of Doom over the credits, with bats flying out of the door where the dungeoneers exit.
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Re:Series 3 - Episode 12

Post by MoanaLiza » Mon Jul 26, 2004 9:31 pm

Anyway to cover things briefly; Tuned in as they were about to leave Brangwen's clue room. In the Scorpians room, Julie stopped and almost got lifeforce damage. In the bomb room, almost got blown up as it took Julie a while and lots of prompting from the advisors to leave. Met Melisandre in the kitchen, who becuse julie was carrying something that belonged to her Julie was dedicating the quest to her and so let Julie have an apple. Followed by Grimwold in a dwarf tunnel. In the lion's room with the non straight path, managed to manouvre along the path. Moved along a ledge to another ledge, where Olaf eventually caught up with Julie. Gave Olaf a candle. In a completely dark room with a floating skull they cast a FLARE spell, which lights up the room that turns out to be the wellway room. Lifeforce damaged by the skull and Julie took a banana as she climbed into the well. Ended up on the Mills of Doom. Hordriss sitting at a table writing, sees and summuns Julie over to the table. She sits down and he tells her a puzzle about which doors to and not to take. They take the extreme left door, entering the clueroom, that occasionally has the oracle in it, from the opposite door. Take the food from the table and exit up the stairs. In Merlins step room, timeout takes place as they are about to take steps.

Funny incident I believe in the next episode though which involves Julie, ...

well you'd have to wait and see I believe in tomorrows ep, but it's quite funny. I wont go into any more though.
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Re: Series 3 - Episode 12

Post by Drassil » Fri Apr 30, 2010 5:13 pm

This is the episode where Brangwen proves herself to be the keenest Dalek impersonator in the Dungeon. I half-expected her to say, "Tell me - which queen - do - they - mean... or - you - will - be - exterminated!"
Harvey Towers wrote:Scored 2, were told the sword was their quest but did not earn anymore knowledge - which is a bit harsh considering that they couldn't easily rule out any one item.
Agreed. I can think of a few possible reasons:

1. Treguard's help had given them one answer.

2. It had already been planned that Mellisandre would give them considerable assistance later in the level. From her they got directions, a step clue and a spell: certainly no harshness there.

3. The team didn't need a clue object tip, because they would have survived with any pairing of objects, i.e. lamp & humbugs, lamp & scarf, humbugs & scarf. The humbugs could have been used against Olaf, as they were in Series 2; and Melly doesn't seem the type to withhold lifesaving help, so I can see her being duly persuaded to accept a lamp in exchange for her "awfully nice apple" and her poem (which would then have been slightly different in its wording). Although that's just speculation, clue object generosity was not unknown in S3: Martin got through Level 1 without needing two items.
Billy wrote:Hordriss was technically a goodie for the first time today, more like his later self, rather than the 'dark grey' performance he exhibited in the earlier episodes.
In Quest 4, Hordriss was introduced to us as a man quite prepared to kill a dungeoneer over a matter of etiquette, but cowed by the power of a sword. This episode marks his next appearance, and the contrast - telling Julie that sitting down with him is "nothing to be afraid of", giving her a good deal of help but asking nothing in return, and remarking that her sword quest is "a trifle dreary" - adds a huge amount of intrigue to his character. Maybe this was his community service penalty from Merlin for threatening Leo. ;)

Bats galore in this quest: in the dwarf tunnels on both levels, and in the Mills of Doom. This is rather ironic, considering that failing to say "bat" (in answer to Merlin's second riddle) was what cost the team their quest.

And yes, a deliberate use of the word 'duly' above. Sorry. ;)

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Re: Series 3 - Episode 12

Post by Canadanne » Sun Jun 05, 2011 2:56 pm

Who the hell is the female voice moaning "Oh dear! Oh dear!" as they run to the door in the cobra room? It can't be Mellisandre, as she's saying "Here" at the same time! Is it meant to be the snake???

Another Melly mystery in this episode, as she tells them about the ledge beside the serpent's tongue: "Your friends'll have to guide you, because I'm not allowed this way." Er... why, and since when?? She's appeared there twice before, so I wonder why she's now been banned!
Harvey Towers wrote:Into the Brangwen-She's room. Scored 2, were told the sword was their quest but did not earn anymore knowledge - which is a bit harsh considering that they couldn't easily rule out any one item.
I wonder if perhaps their third answer was considered too vague - they needed to specify Mount Everest - but Natasha Pope had already accepted "on a mountain". She might have then been told through her earpiece to treat it as a score of 1 when providing the information.

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Re: Series 3 - Episode 12

Post by Gretel » Sat May 17, 2014 7:44 pm

Notes for the Episode:

MELISANDRE! The maid is back!!
Brangwen-Shee! I love this wall-monster... or monster in a wall.
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Re: Series 3 - Episode 12

Post by EvelynMason » Sun Nov 29, 2015 12:01 pm

I think of the problems of having back-to-back episodes, is you spend so much time focusing on events of Episode 2, that no matter how much you attention you gave Episode 1, it's often blurred by trying to piece together events of the most recent viewing. (Hope that made sense ??? )

Ok, Episode 12 of Series 3, the most recent watch, less than an hour ago now - let's give it a try here.

One thing I remember wanting to include at time of viewing was the Bomb Room. Don't know if I'm alone in thinking, but why do the team always have to describe to the dungeoneer what the layout resembles i.e. Ok, you're in a room, there appears to be a door to one side, and a bomb with a fuse nearby... (I'd get the dungeoneer out as soon as possible, i.e. take a step to the nearest exit - HURRY - rather than run the risk of an explosion). I like the bomb rooms though, doubtless they've resulted in at least one death in the series history, and although only lasting a few seconds, you can feel the danger and risk involved.

Hordriss was in one of the later rooms, a character I haven't been familiar with for a long time. Giving some obscure directions it would seem in the way to proceed, but if possible of a second viewing, would seem simple enough.

The Melissandre character did little to inspire, Olaf was back again, (happy with a candle to pillage when his usual take-away is Gold ??? ) and the Wall-monster Brangwen is an improvement on Granitas but still not quite as threatening as Igneous (?) of Legend (sorry for the spelling)

Other minor things such as the Scorpion room don't necessarily warrant a mention - although I try to take a keen interest in every room the dungeon can offer, sometimes it's easier said than done.

Those were my reviews for today's episodes.

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Re: Series 3 - Episode 12

Post by Morghanna » Sun Jun 14, 2020 6:46 pm

This was a slightly strange episode. Team 10 made good progress, but there were a few unusual moments.
They were lead thru Kaa's chamber by Mellisandre and then instructed where to exit from the serpents-mouth cavern, which they managed easily.
2/3 against Brangwen Shee, yet only received their quest name, all other knowledge denied!
:question: Why? Teams should receive some clue object info for 2/3. They guessed and chose the scarf & lantern.
Returned the scarf to Melly in the kitchen and received the 1st step & "FLARE" spell.
Pursued by the ogre in a dwarf tunnel, but then he just vanished, which seemed like there was something missing. It would have been unfair to chase Julie into the beam-room, but i expected him to return to the chase sometime later in the level....
They negotiated the beam-room slowly, but competently.
Gave Olaf the lantern for his lootings and were told the 2nd step.
Used their spell to illuminate the well room. Got hit by a haunting for life-force damage before escaping down the well.

In level 2 they encountered Hordriss and on this occasion he was showing the benevolent side of his nature. They took an excessively long time to interpret his directional puzzle and, with life-force running low, received a great warning from Treguard: "If you don't hurry, it won't matter!" ::)
Strange that they entered the level 2 clue room from the "wrong" direction, so they had to go up the stairs to exit. Usually teams have to go onward & downward.
Reached Merlin's chamber as time ran-out.
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