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Re: Knightmare on tv: on where the heart is

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 12:18 am
by Canadanne
On another forum in January 2002, knightmare dave wrote:
hi peeps whist supposedly revising for french ha like thats happening i was wathcing the so called daytime tv and repeats of original where the heart is were on in a clip where 2 nurses went to a house 2 children were watching tv and there it was series 6 of knightmare where january was in fron of the drednaught i was quite suprised as the first series did not get releases until 1997 so i wonder how they got hold of that???
wow anyway just thought id mention it
I don't know if anyone else ever managed to see this, but I just found it on ITV Player as it was recently repeated on ITV3. (If you want to have a look, you'd better hurry as it's only there for a couple more days.) It's in Series 1 Episode 6 ('Dream', first aired on 11th May 1997) and the relevant scene is from 32:08 to 32:46, though you only see the TV screen for a couple of seconds at 32:26. Not sure why the theme music is playing loudly throughout this encounter. :P

Here is a screencap: