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Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2016 8:47 pm
by Canadanne
I don't know if these were already reported / discussed at the time, but I came across some old mentions of Knightmare in articles on UKGameshows.com:

Knightmare was voted the 6th best gameshow of all time in an August 2002 poll. It was the only children's show in the Top 50.

Knightmare dropped one place to 7th when the poll was repeated in 2006, basically due to the recent arrival of Deal Or No Deal, although Blockbusters also pipped it this time after charging up the chart. Hugo Myatt sneaked into the all-time Top 30 gameshow hosts poll, too.

http://www.ukgameshows.com/ukgs/Gamesho ... ction_2010
Knightmare remained at No.7 when the poll was conducted again in May 2010! And Hugo Myatt climbed one place to No.29. (There doesn't seem to have been a poll in 2014.)