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Castle locations/forest scenes

Posted: Thu Aug 05, 2004 8:13 pm
by KFan
Hi! :D

Just wondering if anyone here has ever been to any of the castles featured in Knightmare, or if anyone knows the whereabouts of any of the woods/forests that were used in some eye shield sequences.

I like about 10 minutes away from Castle Rising, or should I say; 'Fortress of Doom' (series 4). Not 100% sure, but I believe that a couple of eye shield clips were also featured from inside the castle in series 5. I've been there many times and walked up those steps (todays closing titles - 5/8/04 - were those stairs).

KM_Fan - ::) :o

Re:Castle locations/forest scenes

Posted: Thu Aug 05, 2004 9:16 pm
by MoanaLiza
I went to Orford and Framlingham Castles on a couple of school trips. Can't remember the series they were in though!

Re:Castle locations/forest scenes

Posted: Thu Aug 05, 2004 9:30 pm
by pixie
I went to Castle Bodium in Sussex as a sixth former accompanying other kids for their school trip there. It was really beautiful, the castle was surrounded by a moat. From the KM site I remember reading that this castle was also used but don't know which series it was in.

Bodiam Castle, S5 Clue Room!

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2009 7:58 pm
by Velvet
You lot will never guess where I went at the weekend! Bodiam Castle! I went in through the front entrance (oo-err!), walked into the left hand corner and found myself in the season 5 clue room! I'll get a picture of the one I mean soon, but I was surprised when I recognised it!

Heh heh heh!

The only thing I'm a bit annoyed about is that I didn't ask my other half to take a photo, so I can't prove it to you.

Re:Bodiam Castle, S5 Clue Room!

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2009 8:09 pm
by Eyeshield
Here is the proof that I have been there too. 8)

Re:Bodiam Castle, S5 Clue Room!

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2009 10:51 pm
by sozboz
Velvet wrote: You lot will never guess where I went at the weekend!
I guessed.

Re:Bodiam Castle, S5 Clue Room!

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2009 2:09 pm
by Fidjit
Sweet as... Bet that felt rather honourable for you Velvet. Thats how I felt when I was the first out of everybody here to borrow the two helmets (of justice) from Tim Child ;)

Re:Bodiam Castle, S5 Clue Room!

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 6:16 pm
by Mashibinbin

"..first out of everybody here to borrow the two helmets.."

And since then the helmets have been well-handled and placed on many a head of the members here... ;D

Re:Bodiam Castle, S5 Clue Room!

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 10:40 pm
by BrotherStrange
I hope no brattish elves called you "faceache" will you were there.

Name That Castle

Posted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 9:57 pm
by Canadanne
Does anyone know what was filmed / photographed at Carew Castle in Pembrokeshire for use in the programme? At the bottom of this page from The Quest, it says: "Also featured in Knightmare was Carrew Castle, near Milford Haven, Dyfed, Wales (not pictured)". I've looked at many images but I can't see anything that I recognise.

On a related note....

I am attempting to create an interactive map showing all the filming locations used in Knightmare. Click here to see the map so far! The locations are colour-coded according to the series in which they first appeared - it's quite interesting to see how they started out around East Anglia, gradually spread across the UK, and then moved abroad. Clicking on any of the locations will give you a list of rooms that were photographed there.

As you can see, I've managed to find 28 castles, manor houses, abbeys, museums and rock formations that appeared in Knightmare, but I suspect there are several more that I don't know about. This is where I hope you may be able to help! Tell me if you've seen any other filming locations mentioned anywhere, or even visited them yourself. If anyone feels like helping me Google this stuff, that would also be much appreciated! There's still a big list of rooms that I haven't been able to identify, so let me know if you can locate any of these:

From Series 4...

~ Conveyor belt / CoB entrance, where Helen dodged a floating skull (ep 402), Hordriss gave spells to Alistair and Gundrada (ep 404), Simon retrieved Gundrada's sword from Hordriss (ep 408), and Giles encountered Mistress Goody (ep 415). It's the entrance to Leeds Castle pasted onto a background from somewhere else.

~ Room where Helen, Alistair, Nicky, Dickon and Giles met Doorkis (eps 402 / 405 / 407 / 412 / 416), Alistair, Nicky and Vicky met Merlin (eps 404 / 405 / 407 / 410), Simon met Brother Mace (ep 409), and Dickon met Motley (eps 411 / 412). Dickon met Dooreen (ep 413) in a flipped version of the same room.

~ Crazed Heifer interior, visited by Dickon, Jeremy, Giles, Christopher, Alan, Simon and Naila (eps 411 / 414 / 415 / 512 / 605 / 702 / 707). The area behind the stairs was also used once, when Dickon emerged from a small doorway beside the fireplace and took an UPPER pill to grow again (ep 411). I believe we saw the opposite end of this room in later series - it's where Ben met Smirkenorff (ep 609), Julie entered the Descender (ep 711), and Barry found Sidriss covering Hordriss' class (eps 713 / 714). (You can see the door through which Dickon leaves, although his Eyeshield sequence has been flipped so the exit appears in the corner he's walking towards. Note the English Heritage logo above the door, and another one above the stairs in the tavern scene.)

From Series 5...

~ Level 1 Blocker encountered by all Series 5 dungeoneers (eps 501 / 503 / 504 / 507 / 510 / 511 / 513 / 515 / 516). Not sure if the entire wall is hand-drawn / CGI - the nearest bit looks like it may be a photograph.

~ Level 1 Causeway tackled by Richard, Sarah, Ben, Jenna, Alex, Christopher and Kelly (eps 502 / 504 / 505 / 507 / 510 / 511 / 513 / 516).

~ Room where Richard and Ben met a Level 2 Blocker (eps 503 / 508). The windows and door look quite distinctive.

~ Level 2 room where Richard, Sarah and Ben met Skarkill (eps 503 / 504 / 506 / 508). On the last occasion it was flipped and included the Descender entrance. A modified version of the same room was used for a Level 2 Causeway tackled by Kathryn, Richard, Sarah, Ben and Alex (eps 502 / 503 / 505 / 506 / 508 / 512).

~ The new Dunswater, where the Boatman rowed Sarah (ep 504), Brother Mace rowed Jenna (ep 509), Sidriss rowed January (ep 607) and Ridolfo rowed Sophia (eps 612 / 613) to the jetty.

~ Level 3 room where Sarah failed to gain Elita's help (ep 506). Reused as Hordriss' HQ in Series 6, where he presented Ben's trophy and warned about the dragon caller (ep 611), announced his alignment with the Powers That Be (ep 614), and warned that Red Death was airborne (ep 615).

~ Indoor market where Christopher bought a CHANGE spell from Julius Scaramonger (eps 513 / 514). Also seen in the end credits of ep 515, and in darkness as Barry searched for the final piece of Grimaldine's staff (ep 713). Looks like a medieval barn - they're all rather similar, but I've yet to find a precise match.

From Series 6...

~ Cavern where Matt, Sumayya and January tackled a Level 1 Causeway (eps 601 / 603 / 607). I expect this was a show cave somewhere in the UK - the question is which one! Some bits of the same cavern (reflected down the middle) can be seen in the Great Causeway tackled by Ben and Sophia (eps 611 / 613). Ben also completed the second part of the Great Causeway, which appears to be a different cavern reflected down the middle. Presumably filmed in the same location were the Mines of Gore entrance, where Ben acquired a spell from Hordriss before proceeding (eps 610 / 611), and the deeper Caverns of Gore where Ben defeated Lord Fear, also seen behind Treguard at the end of ep 602. The National Showcaves Centre in Swansea looks rather similar, but I couldn't find a matching photo so it's just an unconfirmed hunch.

~ Courtyard where Ben and Sophia chose Level 3 clue objects (eps 610 / 613). The paving (and quite possibly some of the brickwork) from this courtyard was also used to create the Hall of Choice.

~ Level 2 courtyard where Matt met the Dreadnort (ep 602), Sumayya, Ben and Nicola used a spyglass (eps 604 / 610 / 704), Alan used a gauntlet to restrain Lord Fear's hand (ep 606), and Chris traded with Ah Wok (ep 615). Note that the floor isn't real - it's the same modified paving from the Level 3 clue room that they used for the Hall of Choice.

~ Level 2 courtyard where Heggatty helped Matt reach a high doorway (ep 602). Sumayya, Alan, Ben, Sophia and Chris encountered Peggatty shooting fireballs (eps 604 / 606 / 610 / 613 / 615) in a flipped version of the same courtyard.

~ The Cloudwalker, visited by Alan, Ben and Chris (eps 606 / 610 / 615). Also seen in the end credits of ep 604. A real ship or a film set? Any idea where this might have been?

~ Level 1 room where Sophia first met Elita (eps 611 / 612) and Chris chose clue objects (ep 614).

From Series 7...

~ Level 1 courtyard where Ben met Fidjit (ep 709). Simon, Nicola and Barry chose clue objects (eps 701 / 703 / 713) and Naila used a spyglass (ep 708) at one end of it. I reckon the courtyard where Ben chose Level 1 clue objects (ep 709) was the opposite end of the same one, and I believe it to be Cuéllar Castle (AKA Castle of the Dukes of Alburquerque) in Segovia, but I just can't find a photograph to confirm it!

~ Courtyard with arches, where Simon met Rothberry (ep 701), Nicola met Sidriss (ep 704), and Alex and Barry went down a staircase (eps 705 / 714).

~ Room where Simon chose Level 2 clue objects (ep 702).

~ Level 1 courtyard where Nicola rescued Romahna from Sly Hands (ep 703) and Alex turned Fidjit from a toad back into a human (ep 705).

~ Path in Level 1 where Alex and Naila drank magic potions to get past a troll (eps 705 / 708).

~ Landing in Level 1 where Alex met Smirkenorff after Fidjit unlocked the gate (ep 705).

~ Various areas of Warlock / Grimdale: the table where Naila found a bag of silver (ep 707), the barrow where Julie met Romahna (ep 710), the barrel where Julie chose Level 1 clue objects (ep 710), and Rothberry's stall visited by Naila (eps 707 / 708) and Julie (eps 710 / 711). Possibly an open air museum somewhere? Not sure if this was filmed in Spain as well.

~ Tavern where Barry revealed Marta to be Lissard in disguise (ep 714).

That's all of them, I think. Some of these rooms might be from locations already on the map, some might be from elsewhere. It would be good if we could find as many as possible!

[Would Alan be interested in putting a link to the map somewhere on the website? Could be useful for anyone who wants to visit places they've seen on the programme. Or perhaps it's worth a mention in The Eye Shield, which has featured Jake's own photographs from a number of Knightmare Locations (a helpful starting point for this project). Up to you, anyway!]

One more thing... on this page it says that Sherborne Old Castle was used for a Smirkenorff flight sequence in Series 5, and that Camber Castle was used as a Level 2 landing place in the same series. Is this a mistake? I think I've identified all the Smirkenorff locations, and those two aren't among them. Where did this info come from, and which teams / episodes are we talking about?

Re: Castle locations/forest scenes

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2011 7:44 am
by Mystara
Alan would indeed be interested. I don't think that any current guide to the real life locations is as complete as this.

Give me a heads up when it's finished and we'll look into glorifying it on the front page. Depending on when you finish, this might even be the first submission to use the new content management system. Although to be fair, you'll probably finish before hell freezes over, so the possibility remains remote :)

Re: Name That Castle

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2011 2:46 pm
by Canadanne
Well, it's not likely to be "finished" unless anyone else can identify the remaining locations, as I'm pretty much stuck at this point! Anyway, I don't think it can be turned into a downloadable file, so it would just have to be a hyperlink, and I can add to the map anytime new information comes to light. It's already quite a useful guide in its current state, I think.

Re: Castle locations/forest scenes

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2011 5:54 pm
by Eyeshield
Very cool map!

I've just had a look at some pics of Carew Castle and I think it's from an unused Smirkenorff sequence that they stuck underneath the closing credits a couple of times during Series 5 and 6 - there's certainly one next to some water like that, anyway!

Re: Castle locations/forest scenes

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2011 7:29 pm
by Canadanne
Eyeshield wrote:I've just had a look at some pics of Carew Castle and I think it's from an unused Smirkenorff sequence that they stuck underneath the closing credits a couple of times during Series 5 and 6 - there's certainly one next to some water like that, anyway!
If you get a chance, could you check which episodes used the sequence you're thinking of?

I've just realised I'm not sure which castle is briefly seen in the end credits of ep 504. But that's not Carew Castle either...

Re: Castle locations/forest scenes

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2011 8:02 pm
by Eyeshield
Try Episodes 507 and 605... that's just off the top of my head so they could be the wrong ones!