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Today marks five years of this website, which launched on 1st January 1999.

Back then we had no idea how many people would be interested in visiting, considering Knightmare had not been on TV for five years. Thankfully those concerns quickly evaporated as the word spread and visitors flooded in!

Growing Popularity

In the last five years we've had well over well over 300,000 hits and over 1,000 people sign the guestbooks. You can read some of the early comments in theĀ guestbook archive.

The website has also had a few mentions on various radio stations, but by far the most popular period for the website was after Channel 4 broadcast the 100 Greatest Kids TV Shows in August 2001.

Thousands of people searched for Knightmare on the web after being reminded of the show on TV. A more recent success has been theĀ Knightmare Discussion Forum. It's been a little over one year since the new forum was launched, and over 400 members have subscribed posting a whopping 16,000 posts in 950 topics!

Growing Interest

We have also managed to uncover a lot of historical information about Knightmare that fans, actors and production staff have been able to contribute. Such material had not been available in the public domain in the past. Indeed, I had no idea that much of this stuff existed.

The website made it possible to share any aspect of Knightmare with hundreds of regular visitors.

Former contestants have been supplying stories, reviews and photos of their experiences. Actors and production staff have been able to answer questions from fans, and supplying behind the scenes information. Ultimately we also were able to find out the real reasons behind Knightmare's demise, which had been puzzling people many for years.

Interest in Knightmare has been increasing in recent years, despite it being nearly 10 years since the original series ended. This has led to repeats on TV and development plans for a new Knightmare.

We would like to say thank you to all those who have contributed to this site over the last five years, as without this the site would not be as comprehensive as it is now. Please keep them coming!