Paul Valentine, who played the key character of Motley (and a few others) signed the guestbook back in July last year.

Hi Helmet heads!

This is Paul Valentine here, the guy that used to play Motley and Sylvester aka Sly Hands. (Why did the change the name? It wasn't my choice I can tell you - probably aiming for the 'younger audience') I also played Fidjit in my 'Motley sabbatical' during Series 7, and the boatman in an earlier season. Anyway keep up the good work!

Much love to the fans. Paul.

More recently, Steve Ryde, the continuity announcer of CITV from 1993-1998, signed the guestbook in November 2002:

I was the 'voice' of CITV (93-98) and was delighted to stumble across this site. Knightmare was one of my favourite shows during my time doing the live voices, and it brought back a lot of happy memories watching the trailer clips.

I'm now a producer for CBBC, making a live show called 'Dick & Dom In Da Bungalow' for the CBBC channel. Catch it Saturday/Sunday mornings 9.00-12.00. That too can be a knightmare at times!

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