Knightmare will feature in the seventh episode of Richard Bacon's Beer and Pizza Club (ITV 4) on Wednesday 3rd November at 22:00.

David Rowe, the illustrator of many of the dungeon rooms from the early series of Knightmare, has made some high resolution scans of the artwork used in Knightmare.

Well done to Debbie 'Debz' Glover who has been working on a college video production on Knightmare, and has interviewed many people behind the show, including Tim Child, Hugo Myatt, David Learner and David Rowe.

Alan Boyd has created a new website for the Bring Back Knightmare campaign at This new campaign site replaces the TES Bring Back Knightmare site and Tom Murphy's interim petition site (which has been running since November).

Televirtual (the same people who created Knightmare) are developing a format for a new TV adventure game show entitled 'TimeGate'.

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