Prior to last weekend's extremely successful Knightmare Convention in Norwich, BBC Radio Norfolk’s Nicky Price interviewed Knightmare creator Tim Child and former contestant James Knox (one of the advisors in the first team of Series 4).

Want to attend the Knightmare Convention on both Saturday and Sunday AND meet the cast members backstage for half an hour? Then read on...

Knightmare Needs...You! A brief note from Knightmare fan, Chris Ballard, on the importance of the convention.

Your chance to be hunted through the dark streets of Norwich by Mark Knight, a.k.a Lord Fear himself!

It was months in the planning, but we are pleased to report that we ran a Knightmare Convention in the very studios where Knightmare was filmed. The convention ran from Friday 9th May (with Knightmare Live) until Sunday 11th May.

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