There's good news and bad news.

The good news is that Sky really do believe in better: they've made Knightmare episodes available to watch. As Knightmare's official website, we're pleased to report any ways of watching Knightmare that don't involve sidestepping the law.

The bad news: they only have one series available.

More good news: it's Series 3, hailed by many as the Greater Game at its greatest. Refresh your memory with our Series 3 team pages.

Further bad news: they don't have the whole of Series 3 available. The last two episodes are absent.

An advisor from the Sky Help Team has given an honest response to this riddle via social media: 'Episodes 15 & 16 will be added to Challenge TV Catch Up in due course. I don't have dates so just keep checking Challenge TV Catch Up or search for programme via your Sky TV guide.'

Knightmare on the Sky website

We look forward to bringing you more good news about this when we can. 14 episodes down, 98 to go...

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