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In September, Giles Milner (the dungeoneer from Team 8 of Series 4 in 1990) was a guest on the Back to the Eighties podcast. Though his appearance on Knightmare was technically not in the Eighties, it turns out that his first application to be on the programme was.

Series 2 Episode 12 of the Knightmare Audio Series has been released.

Knightmare audio group The Dunshelm Players are proud to announce that Amber, the fifth and final instalment in the Techno-Colour Tales mini-series, is now available to download from the group's website.

Hello and Happy new Year! I am happy to report two big updates from the Knightmare Audio Series, released over the festive period.

The seventh episode of the second series of the Knightmare Audio Series is now available to listen to on YouTube or our website!

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