Knightmare audio group The Dunshelm Players are proud to announce that Amber, the fifth and final instalment in the Techno-Colour Tales mini-series, is now available to download from the group's website.


Treguard and Majida have disappeared at the worst possible time for the Powers-That-Be, as Lord Fear and the Witch-Queen Greystagg appear to be on the brink of forming some kind of an alliance. Greystagg, spotting an opportunity to obtain a new sanctuary for the Grey Sisterhood, believes that Fear might be able to assist her in a planned attack on the sorceress Maldame. But can Greystagg afford to trust her long-term enemy, especially when he is so hated by her closest followers? Can Pickle and Stiletta, without Treguard’s leadership, hope to disrupt this new alliance before it can form? And what will the dreadful price be should they fail?

Download the play, and follow the Players on Facebook and Twitter.

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