Cast/Crew Projects

Karl recently mentioned on the forum that Iona Kennedy's name appeared in the end credits of the recent BBC Drama 'Hope & Glory', playing 'Mrs. Hall'.

Hugo Myatt (Treguard) appeared on CBBC's ChuckleVision today, playing a vampire!

Iona Kennedy (Sidriss) featured on ITV's 'The Bill' on the 1st September. She played Mrs. Lee.

Look out for Cliff Barry (Lissard) who will be appearing in Red Dwarf VIII playing a guard, which is currently being repeated on BBC TWO. The episode is entitled 'Krytie TV'.

Phil Colvin went to a recent performance of Hamlet, and noticed in the programme that is was being produced by Third Party Productions - a company co-directed by Tim and Sue Child of Broadsword/Televirtual.

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