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Hugo Myatt (Treguard in Knightmare) has been spotted on a BBC TWO Schools programme about Ancient Greece.

Back in June 1999, we reported that Hugo Myatt appeared on a BBC TWO Education programme about ancient Greece. It was repeated today (23 October at 11.55am) and we can now confirm that the programme was called 'ZIG ZAG'.

Karl recently mentioned on the forum that Iona Kennedy's name appeared in the end credits of the recent BBC Drama 'Hope & Glory', playing 'Mrs. Hall'.

Hugo Myatt (who played Treguard, Knightmare's Dungeon Master) has appeared in a local paper news story about an Ernest Thompson play, 'On Golden Pond'.

Hugo Myatt (Treguard) appeared on CBBC's ChuckleVision today, playing a vampire!

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