Cast/Crew Projects

Before Knightmare, John Woodnutt was in Doctor Who.

Knightmare actor Clifford Barry appears in Law & Order: UK in June 2014.

Two Knightmare actors so far have appeared in Game of Thrones.

Fans of Knightmare will be aware that Cliff Barry (Lissard; Brother Strange; Raptor) was featured in the Edinburgh Fringe last year, with his show "You All Know Me, I'm Jack Ruby!"

David Rowe gave a talk at Aberystwyth University in Wales on 2nd April. The talk covered his work as an illustrator on Knightmare and the successful Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund his Art of Knightmare book. A photo of David's talk was tweeted by Huw Marshall and can be seen on Twitter here.

You can follow progress on The Art of Knightmare in David Rowe's blog and view his Knightmare artwork for the TV series and books alike, not to mention other projects, on his website. David is scheduled to be a guest at the Knightmare Convention in May.

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