Whos ur favourite knightmare team ever?

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Re:Favourite ever team?

Post by Ironlord »

I'm going for the winning team from series 5. But then, I'm biased. I was at university with dungeoneer Ben and it was his tales of his time on Knightmare during one alcohol-fuelled evening right at the beginning of my first year that re-sparked my interest in KM. So it could hardly have been any other team, even though I much preferred the early series...
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Re:Favourite ever team?

Post by Thanatos »

No contest: Barry, Simon, Derek and Daniel. The most amusing team, the best interaction, the best banter and as deserving of victory as any of the other winners.
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Re:Favourite ever team?

Post by Willowherb »

I'll vote for Martin and his "gritty lads from York" - they were endlessly entertaining! Martin telling his advisors to speak up, Martin in slightly-dazed mode emerging from the mining cart in Level 3 (although I heard somewhere that they genuinely had tipped him out a bit suddenly and there was actual concern for him not being too bruised). Oh - also Martin making a pained sound and shaking his hands after picking up the draining talisman - brilliant! ;D
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