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Knightmare actor and Top of the Pops 1989

Posted: 18 Apr 2020, 11:38
by Drassil
I had an "Is that... it is" moment watching Top of the Pops 1989 last night. To experience it too, the episode is here on BBC iPlayer: watch from about 3:50.

For details, read on.

Top of the Pops from 20th July 1989, repeated on BBC Four last night, featured a clip of the video for Cha Cha Heels by Bronski Beat & Eartha Kitt. Eartha, performing the song in her club, beckons a man in white tie to dance with her. That man was played by Rayner Bourton, familiar to us two years later as Julius Scaramonger and Skarkill.

Rayner's appearance in the video doesn't appear to have been mentioned anywhere online.

Later in the full music video, available elsewhere online, Rayner's character ends up dancing involuntarily, not unlike what happened to Skarkill when Elita played the panpipes in Series 6.

Re: Knightmare actor and Top of the Pops 1989

Posted: 23 Apr 2020, 20:20
by JamesA
Thanks David, I found the video clip you were referring to. At one point Rayner is seen through a"spy mirror" (similar to the conversation between Greystagg and Heggaty in the last episode of Series 6), and then tries to steal the object of the song name in question, which also gives him a roguish element akin to Julius Scaramonger.