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John Woodnutt in Jeeves and Wooster

Posted: 14 May 2016, 14:37
by Drassil
Episode 1 of Jeeves and Wooster was on Yesterday last night (now available via their catchup service here). The first face seen, and the first words heard, are John Woodnutt's, firmly restoring the spirit of Mogdred. His line "No buts" is a reminder of what happened when Mogdred met Team 1 of Series 4.

John Woodnutt's character in Jeeves and Wooster is a recurring one, so if more episodes are shown then we'll see him again.

The character was sentencing Bertie Wooster for removing a policeman's helmet. This reminded me of Knightmare Series 3, when Mogdred ordered Leo to take off the Helmet of Justice.

Later in the episode, Wooster tells Jeeves he is talking "flapdoodle". Mildread used the same word during Series 2, as part of her colourful vocabulary (flibbertigibbet, mugwump, dotterel).

There's an intriguing fanfic, Jeeves and the Impending Apocalypse, which crosses over Jeeves and Wooster with Buffy the Vampire Slayer's universe. It's by Brother Mace himself: Michael Cule.