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KM Live Gamebook Playthroughs: Fridays @ 4.30pm

Posted: 03 Apr 2020, 22:54
by JamesA
Apologies for being slightly late with this one, but Paul Flannery (aka KM Live's Treguard) streamed a live playthrough of "The Labyrinths of Fear" gamebook section via Facebook this afternoon.

It was great fun and there were a couple of attempts made, though unfortunately both of these resulted in failure rather early on.

The good news is that Paul is planning on doing it again next Friday afternoon from 4:30-5:00pm (around the same time Series 3 to 8 were shown when originally broadcast) - will it be third time lucky when the playthrough starts again?

It was great fun and I highly recommend joining in (even if I did get reprimanded by Paul for quoting The Dark Room on one occasion :D ) If you want to take part, head over to Knightmare Live's Facebook Page and get involved!

Re: KM Live Gamebook Playthroughs: Fridays @ 4.30pm

Posted: 23 Apr 2020, 20:27
by JamesA
After spending the past few weeks attempting to navigate our way through The Labyrinths Of Fear, it is very likely we'll be moving on to Fortress Of Assassins tomorrow (it beat The Sorcerer's Isle in a poll for which gamebook next to play).

I'm looking forward to this as the opportunities to win in Fortress are far much better compared to the somewhat narrow path in Labyrinths. Be sure to tune in via Facebook Live tomorrow afternoon if you are able to!

Re: KM Live Gamebook Playthroughs: Fridays @ 4.30pm

Posted: 04 Jul 2020, 18:37
by Drassil
Yesterday's Knightmare Livestream featured a guest appearance, via a miniature magic mirror, by Knightmare Live's original Lord Fear (a.k.a. Tom Bell). You can watch it on the Knightmare Live Facebook page along with all the previous sessions. We're a couple of weeks away from their first onstage meeting (Knightmare Live's preview shows in London).

The playthrough this time was the gamebook section of The Forbidden Gate a.k.a. The Quest for the Dragon's Egg (with a ship called The Pendragon). Coincidentally, a few hours later Pick TV repeated the episode of Merlin with a quest for a dragon's egg (with Arthur Pendragon).