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Parody of You Might by Nik Kershaw

Posted: 24 Apr 2020, 17:34
by Drassil
This is about the five uses of a certain spell in Series 3 and 4. Based on You Might by Nik Kershaw (1984). Audio

Level 3 in Series 3
Past the stained glass window
It is not DISMISS you'll get
For an almost-win though

Imagining what might have been
If you'd got the riddle
Had you known of Avebury
Bombardier or Hercules

UNITE for a dungeeoner
Who faced Mogdred with no fear
But missed the path out of here
UNITE after you dropped

UNITE if you're Martin Toole
Who came far from shark in pool
Morghanna zapped fire so cruel
UNITE after she shot

Free the fool, take Malice down
When her face has your way barred
Get UNITE and give the crown
To Merlin and to Treguard

And if a phase shift cuts you off
Could get UNITE also
No time to win but never fear
You're going home with Christmas cheer

UNITE if you're Dickon Hares
Your FLIGHT spell, Chris, goes nowhere
Giles might be caught unawares
Yuletide (except it's not)

You're on ITV