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Knightmare Cheese!

Posted: 06 Mar 2011, 19:55
by JamesA
I was with a friend of mine yesterday who explained that he had been trying to come up with cheese-based celebrity names (Dairylea Van Cleef, Monterey Jack Nicholson to help put you into the picture) - on the way home, I ended up contemplating if there were any cheese-based Knightmarisms. I've managed to come up with some - all the cheeses parodied below are all listed on the website, and I've provided links to the actual cheese names within my Knightmare based offerings.

So then, here goes:

Lord Fearta
Lissardi Gasna
Marblehead Cheddar
Brother Mace-carpone
Gorgon-zola (Another name for Medusa?)
Emmentalisman (Series 2 Team 10's winning quest object)
Ba-Ba-Babybhal Shebah (a.k.a Red Leicester Death)

Conclusion; far from being just being a item of food in the occasional quest, I thought the humble piece of cheese could be given some additional Knightmare spin. Any others?

Re: Knightmare Cheese!

Posted: 25 Apr 2011, 10:23
by Mystara

Re: Knightmare Cheese!

Posted: 12 May 2011, 19:39
by Nightwisher
Marblehead Cheddar? That actually sounds real! I think I will wind a few people up with that one :P

Re: Knightmare Cheese!

Posted: 25 Jan 2013, 18:21
by Canadanne

Re: Knightmare Cheese!

Posted: 30 Mar 2013, 00:04
by Canadanne
Has no-one said Motleyzarella?

And of course, cool, creamy Philadel-Fear.