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Re: Knightmare ratings - official figure

Posted: 30 Jul 2003, 19:30
by GrimaldineGrimwold
Could be jumping to conclusions though as challenge could have made a genuine mistake on their website. Ever the optomist.
My Sky Digiguide says the same thing for Wednesday as Tuesday, so I guess they haven't made an error on the website.

In a way, I can see why they've done this. Now they've repeated Series 3 & 4 so often in such a short space of time they know the ratings will decrease soon if they haven't already done so. I suppose we can hope they might see fit to buy the other series then restore it to the 6pm slot or another prime slot. Of course, they should have been prepared and done that already if it was their intention.

Or they may just be deciding to hide it at 5am and 10am before they get rid of it entirely. I mean, it's logical to replace one of your three top rating shows with your top rating show when you have other shows in prime time slots that are doing abysmally, isn't it?

I mustn't forget to keep watching those great Celebrity TV Bloopers!

Re: Knightmare ratings - official figure

Posted: 30 Jul 2003, 22:18
by Malefact
If you remember, though, after series 3 was originally shown in a prime-time slot, it was moved to another slot - and then they went and acquired series 4.

Optimism is catching. :)

Re: Knightmare ratings - official figure

Posted: 30 Jul 2003, 22:34
by Brangwen
I wish I could catch optimism.
I guess I'm far too pesimistic, perhaps so i don't get as disappointed if they decide not to show more series'.
But I don't understand, Knightmare is doing reasonably well...but they barely advertise it. I can't remember the last advert I saw for it yet I see Celebrity Mole and Takeshi's Castle adverts everywhere.

Re: Knightmare ratings - official figure

Posted: 30 Jul 2003, 22:40
by Malefact
It's possible that they don't advertise Km because they don't need to. GG has said that TC's ratings fluctuate a bit but that Km's ratings are steady and quite strong. The purpose of promoting a programme is to get people to watch it. I guess that Challenge are either happy with the audience figures for it, or are unwilling to spend money on adverts for it because they have given up on it. These two possibilities are rather extreme but they seem the only two.

Re: Knightmare ratings - official figure

Posted: 30 Jul 2003, 22:44
by Brangwen
Even though TC's ratings can do that, they normally always end up higher than the other prime-time shows, though seeing Family Fortunes there kinda reminds me about those weekday lunchtimes me and my friends spent together, lol.
Out of those 2 reasonings, I think we all hope it's the first one. Though you have to wonder what it's ratings would be like with more advertising.

Re: Knightmare ratings - official figure

Posted: 30 Jul 2003, 23:26
by MoanaLiza
On Tuesday I've noticed that Takeshis Castle is on for an hour from 6-7pm. >:( I think also that Monday is the end of series 3. Also there might be a lot of kidsies watch it at 10am due to the summer hols!

On the subject of Night Fever I was one of those sad people that liked it when it was on Channel 5. I think that was because that was the only thing that used to be on tele at that time then!

Re: Knightmare ratings - official figure

Posted: 08 Aug 2003, 03:35
by GrimaldineGrimwold
I could copy and paste the latest "Weekly Top 10" here, but we'd only start whinging about the programmes included and not included anyway, so I won't bother. I can't believe all those people who thought watching You Bet! would be a fruitful way to spend their evening...

You didn't?

You did!!!!

Shame on you!

Re: Knightmare ratings - official figure

Posted: 08 Aug 2003, 22:02
by Brangwen
Also there might be a lot of kidsies watch it at 10am due to the summer hols!
Hey, I was kind of thankful for the 10am slot on my holiday, It was the only reason I could watch Knightmare for that week. Though now Knightmare kind of clashes with a few things my parents want to watch....

Come to think of it, except from Knightmare, what shows do people think are actually good on Challenge?

Re: Knightmare ratings - official figure

Posted: 09 Aug 2003, 02:16
by Purgatory
If i don't watch Knightmare then i wont watch challenge.
Its the 1st time iv'e botherd with the challenge channel.

Well i used to wath the Crystal maze on challenge about 4/5 years ago, Challenge looked really odd during that time.

Re: Knightmare ratings - official figure

Posted: 10 Aug 2003, 14:59
by MoanaLiza
I used to watch Fortunes until my mum bombarded me with it every day, which then I got bored with it. I used to watch the Chrystal maze until Challenge bombarded me with the continuous repeat loop of it, which then I got bored with that also. Goodnes I just hope that that doesn't happen with Knightmare :o. At the moment I still enjoy seeing the repeats again and again as everytime I see certain episodes it still seems somewhat new even if you have seen it a dozen times before and know what is going to happen next, there always seems to be something you missed or have forgotten :D. Although series 4 is kind of repetative, I never seem to tire of it though :D. I mean who could get bored with incedences like "Simon! Sidestep to your left" ;D. The problem with those other shows it that they are repetative and lose that unfamiliararity about them.

Re:Knightmare ratings - official figure

Posted: 08 Jun 2004, 21:13
by MoanaLiza
I just spotted this thread again since it's been moved and was just wondering what the ratings have been so far since the last showing of series 5 up to now. Does anyone know or have any idea?

Re:Knightmare ratings - official figure

Posted: 15 Jun 2004, 21:27
by Illusion
Knightmare features in the Top 10 BARB rated Challenge programmes for the week beginning 30/5/04 - the first time it has appeared for months!

2 PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT (Wed 2029) 0.09
3 CELEBRITY POKER SERIES 1 (Tue 2202) 0.09
5 PRICE IS RIGHT (Sat 2000) 0.08
7 PRICE IS RIGHT (Tue 2001) 0.07
8 CELEBRITY POKER SERIES 1 (Wed 2159) 0.07
9 STRIKE IT RICH (Tue 1330) 0.06
10 KNIGHTMARE (Wed 1929) 0.06

Can anyone decipher which episode this was?

Re:Knightmare ratings - MAY

Posted: 15 Jun 2004, 21:39
by Illusion
I've been playing around with and have searched for the Knightmare ratings for May in the 7.30pm slot (figures in thousands):

31/05/04   13.6
28/05/04   5.8
27/05/04   6.1
26/05/04   33.2
25/05/04   15.6
24/05/04   16.25
21/05/04   7.1
20/05/04   26.7
19/05/04   5.6
18/05/04   17.2
17/05/04   39.85
14/05/04   15.45
13/05/04   29.75
12/05/04   12.6
11/05/04   24.15
10/05/04   29.65
07/05/04   21.85
06/05/04   39.8
05/05/04   18.55
04/05/04   16.35
03/05/04   25.45

Re:Knightmare ratings - APRIL

Posted: 15 Jun 2004, 21:42
by Illusion
30/04/04   15.6
29/04/04   13.7
28/04/04   20.9
27/04/04   18.4
26/04/04   5.55
24/04/04   23.65
23/04/04   2.55
22/04/04   19.55
21/04/04   19.25
20/04/04   21.7
19/04/04   36.45
17/04/04   7.15
16/04/04   16.25
15/04/04   41.5
14/04/04   28.9
13/04/04   6.55
12/04/04   15.3
10/04/04   8.2
09/04/04   17.95
08/04/04   5.4
07/04/04   10.35
06/04/04   32.75
05/04/04   12

Re:Knightmare ratings - official figure

Posted: 15 Jun 2004, 22:17
by MoanaLiza
Hmm just looking at the times, I wonder if that is the actual time they got that figure. If so you can't really say that only that many people were watching Knightmare at that time (1929) as there may have been a few people tuned in slightly later. I sometimes tend to tune in slightly after it has started. Looking at figures for April and May, there is a right mixed bunch of good ones and not so good ones there, including the 15th April 41.5 (thousand) and a few in the 30s also there are some quite low ones including 2.55 (thousand) I believe the lowest on 13rd April.