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Knightmare worms!

Posted: 11 Jul 2005, 12:29
by darkDescender
As you may be aware, the new "Worms 4" game is out on the 29th July, and I've just heard that it is almost certainly possible to make Knightmare-based worms. Worms are fully customisable, with hats/gloves/beards etc, and I recently decided to ask Team 17 if there were any knightmare related options. The reply?

"I know there's a helmet with horns in there, and some kind of bag isn't too much to hope for, so even if you can't knock up a good Frightnight you'll be able to get a decent Dungeoneer look."

How'dyou like them apples?

Re:Knightmare worms!

Posted: 12 Jul 2005, 00:06
by Pooka
I don't know what shocked me most, the fact that they know what Knightmare is, or the fact that they readily responded to a question (I've had lots of dealings with Team17 myself, and they're notoriously different to get a straight answer out of!).

I may get Worms4 myself, actually, seeing as there may well be another Superfrog cameo in it...

Re:Knightmare worms!

Posted: 12 Jul 2005, 00:29
by Thanatos
I don't like the idea of fully three-dimensional Worms. The first two games were quite definitely the best; the later ones overdid it. It's such a gloriously simple concept, and Worms 2 just about managed to remain uncomplicated enough not to diminish that.

Re:Knightmare worms!

Posted: 16 Jul 2005, 21:28
by FrightKnight
They misspelled FrightKnight! Nooooooooo!!!! ;D

I'll let them off. Team 17 have been going round for a huuuuge length of time, and I remember them from such beauties as Qwak, Arcade Pool and Alien Breed 3D (the first one). And Superfrog, of course. A couple of hiccups and duds aside (let's face it, 10-pin bowling sims aren't as much fun as the real thing), I'm glad Team 17 haven't been eaten up by the huge wibbly monster that is EA Games, who now seemingly produce everything.

But anyway, the idea of customisable worms for the latest incarnation sounds good. Must admit I haven't played a Worms game since the Amiga-only Worms: Director's Cut came out back in Christmas 1996, their swansong for that machine of vanilla goodness.

Might play Superfrog again soon, actually... ;)