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Knightmare on the radio

Posted: 07 Jul 2010, 18:08
by Myatt
I was driving to work this morning and was surprised to hear the morning DJ's from XFM talking about underrated kids TV shows, one mentioned Knightmare and there was quite a long discussion about it. One said he had tried on the helmet and talked about either their friend or a listener who knew one of the dungeoneers from Torquay and said their full name. See link below. ... dave-berry


Re: Knightmare on ITV4 in September

Posted: 10 Jul 2010, 22:24
by Drassil
Thanks for telling us about this, Matt. It must have set you up nicely for the working day! It's still possible to listen to the show via the XFM web player for the next few days.

This has led to the news that Dave Berry will appear on the first episode of Richard Bacon's Beer + Pizza Club on ITV4 in September, where his nomination of Knightmare as "the most underrated TV show of all time" will lead to a clip of Simon's sidestep left, and to Dave donning the Helmet of Justice to be guided on a quest for beer by Jack Osbourne.

Addendum 11/10/2010: The episode in question was the first filmed, but not the first transmitted. I'll post again when its scheduling is confirmed.

Re: Knightmare on Richard Bacon's Beer + Pizza Club

Posted: 21 Oct 2010, 17:53
by Drassil
Wednesday 3rd November, 10pm, ITV4. It should then be available on ITV Player.

Potentially very exciting.

Re: Knightmare on the radio

Posted: 01 Nov 2010, 17:43
by JamesA
Confirmation that this Wednesday is indeed the episode in question: ... Chat+Show/

Re: Knightmare on the radio

Posted: 04 Nov 2010, 16:47
by JamesA
The episode is now available for viewing on the ITV Player until the end of this month:

KM-themed discussion kicks off from around the 17 minute mark....

Re: Knightmare on Beer And Pizza Club

Posted: 25 Dec 2010, 13:30
by Drassil
Thank you to Keith for his thorough write-up of the episode on

I have it on great authority that Michael Cule got paid for his brief appearance-via-clip on Beer And Pizza Club. This would suggest that Hugo Myatt and David Learner did as well. Pleasing to think that they are pocketing gelt from Knightmare so many years on!

Re: Knightmare on Beer And Pizza Club

Posted: 02 Mar 2013, 16:33
by Canadanne
The episode of Beer & Pizza Club featuring Knightmare is being repeated this Wednesday (6th March) at 12:10am on ITV4, and again on Sunday 10th March at 1:05am.