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Re:Vote Knightmare on CITV's website!

Posted: 01 Sep 2004, 17:20
by Raven
I didnt manage to find the poll as I was assaulted by many pop ups containing the malevolent likes of Coco Monkey and some Pokemon. I would just like to wonder how Jungle Run can beat the best thing ever to hit C.I.T.V (which these days is struggling for good entertainment). For a start, the challenges are easy and the show is over-lenient. It is mimicking another great game show of older times, the Crystal Maze, who's realisitic sets and rooms are insulted by jungle run's cheap backdrops, badly made costumes and poor challenges. I'm suprised it got any votes at all!
Also, the phrase 'Won't go away empty handed' has been converted from a small certificate or present to something fantastic e.g the latest game console. Childrens shows are really going downhill.