Series 6 Episode 9 and review so far!

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Re:Julius Scaramonger= Canadian/American?

Post by Drassil »

Oakley, I'd say, has a West Countree accent.

Not only is Scaramonger from the Western hemisphere, and the West Midlands, but also therefore from a place west of where the scene in question was filmed. He couldn't have been any more western if he'd drawn a Colt .45 on Ah Wok at high noon and told him that Wolfenden wasn't big enough for the both of them. ;) (Has anyone seen the film Shanghai Noon? ;D)
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Re:Julius Scaramonger= Canadian/American?

Post by 37Herbie »

Snowcat wrote: Assuming the puzzle was based on Stereotypes, anything Left of Moscow on the average map is considered 'West'...
Not in Rocky IV :o
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Re:Julius Scaramonger= Canadian/American?

Post by King_Gazz »

i thought he was scouse
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Re:Julius Scaramonger= Canadian/American?

Post by darkDescender »

I'll go with Brummie. You must admit, he does sound a fair bit like Noddy Holder.
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Re:Julius Scaramonger= Canadian/American?

Post by dontyoulikemypie »

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Re:Series 6 Episode 9 and review so far!

Post by Selphie »

Thank you to everyone in this thread; I've never thought about how JS has a brummie accent, it's given my KM viewing a whole new spin! :D

Am I correct in thinking that the team never used their second level 1 clue object (being the horn). With the scroll of "Gold to the east, silver to the west" I think they could have taken the gold and the silver and been okay and they would then have had the silver to give to Smirky at the end of the level.
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Re: Series 6 Episode 9

Post by Canadanne »

If the Causeway is supposed to be Lord Fear's creation, how on earth does *Sidriss* come to be the only person who knows the secret code to get across it??
Billy wrote:There was also a funny exchange with Ah Wok and Ben: "Do you know anything about Sidriss?" "Sidrissississ?" "Er, we'll just take the potion"!
I love Ah Wok's remark "I like a man who make up his mind quick!" after all their dithering about what to do. ;D

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Re: Series 6 Episode 9 and review so far!

Post by Morghanna »

A nicely-paced episode. Team 5 resumed at the entrance to Dungarth.
Ben nearly trod on the spy-glass. ;D It should have been put on a box or something. Didn't discover the causeway code, so they will need to find help.
:exclaim: Notable that the eye-shield sequences have been dramatically shortened this series. (Not before time!)
Into the level 1 clue-room. Had to rush their choice and grabbed the gold and also a horn. :-/

Correctly decided to trade with Ah-Wok because of the scroll clue, altho did they seriously need to ask Ah-Wok if he woz oriental? ::) ::) Very sarcastic comment from Ah-Wok about liking a man who makes up his mind. :D
:idea: If they had taken the silver instead , would the script have been changed so that Scaramonger had an item they needed to trade for?

Encountered Ridolpho ;) who saved them from yet another pooka. Learned the level 1 password from him.
Next up was Sidriss, who was under Fear's spell, lusting after Sly Hands. :( Gave her Ah-Woks true-sight potion, which cured her, and she sent Hands packing. Gained the causeway combo from her.
Got past the dreadnort and entered the causeway. Made easy work of the causeway until the final block, then nearly had a disaster. Just stopped Ben in time. 8-o
Taken to level 2 by Smirky.

Straight into the clue-area. Only two clue objects, so no need to make a decision. (:question: Did anybody notice when they ditched the horn from level 1?) Gained a "BACKFIRE" spell, plus a ring and a pooka-in-a-bottle.
Given the hurry-up by yet another haunting. This must already be a record number for a quest.
:question: Were this team continually given the hurry-up coz they were too slow making decisions in the studio?
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