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Re: The final door

Posted: 05 Dec 2003, 03:44
by HStorm

I always liked that little sunburst-effect they used there. It was a nice touch.
Yeah, but it's not really enough to rescue the scene on its own is it? At the time I was so amazed to see Knightmare finally had a third champion after two more years that I didn't notice how feeble the conclusion of the quest was. But it doesn't work anything like as well when you know what to expect.

series 4 dickons winning quest

Posted: 07 Jan 2004, 13:46
by knightmaredave
What does everyone think, a good chase through level 3 (malice propping up in 3 rooms and the corridor of blades, or was it too easy for them? remember treguard did say there were many more dangers ahead after malice was bannished and we only saw then the final door monster not much of a danger was it??

Re: series 4 dickons winning quest

Posted: 07 Jan 2004, 13:50
by Fidjit
Dickons quest was a great one knightmaredave!

They didn't even encounter the Block and Tackle. Pity I was trapped in the stocks though, eh!  ;D

Re: series 4 dickons winning quest

Posted: 07 Jan 2004, 15:18
by HStorm
The general consensus apparently agrees with you, Dave. Most people seem to feel that the end of Dicken's quest was a real anticlimax... which it was!

I wouldn't say the quest as a whole was too easy, but the ending was pretty much a "going-through-the-motions" job, which is a shame. They should've kept the confrontation with Malice back for the final chamber.

They were better at final confrontations in later seasons I guess.

..Re: series 4 dickons winning quest

Posted: 08 Jan 2004, 00:18
by Crispeater
I've always thought this quest is dreadfully anti-climactic - so far in Level 3, they've had to face the the Transporter Pads, the Corridor of Blades, Malice crumbling the bridge and then trying to destroy them, then they have to destroy her before only just managing to restore their life force, then they have to get all three riddles right with the drawbridge.

Now, the final challenge, to retrieve the crown.  And what do they do?  Stand around for a few moments waiting for the skull ghost to disappear, then walk over, pick up the crown and, er, that's it.

You'd think that, after two years of failed quests, the production team could have thought up a more exciting climax than that...


Re: series 4 dickons winning quest

Posted: 08 Jan 2004, 00:36
by Illusion
Dicken Hares is now a Biology teacher. I had an e-mail from one of his pupils who by chance was watching Knightmare on Challenge recently and thought he looked familiar.

When he approached Mr Hares at the start of term and asked him, he said "Wahey! I am the champ!"


Re: series 4 dickons winning quest

Posted: 08 Jan 2004, 03:24
by King_Gazz
Goodness me administrator

anyways bk 2 the Dickon Hairs win. it was a fair win even though they ad it easy with Oakley the tree.

Re: series 4 dickons winning quest

Posted: 08 Jan 2004, 04:24
by Kieran
His quest was fair, but to be honest, it was a rather easy win..or certainly a lot easier than other winning quests.

Saying did seem a highly intelligent team, and the whole Brandy storyline was certainly amusing.

Re: series 4 dickons winning quest

Posted: 08 Jan 2004, 10:12
by Lord_Bob
Was a very good winning quest certainly the best of the S1-4 era imo.

Re: series 4 dickons winning quest

Posted: 08 Jan 2004, 15:15
by JamesA
I think the production got fed up of waiting for a winning quest, but I thought Tim their advsior was magnificent in guiding the team to victory.

Re: series 4 dickons winning quest

Posted: 08 Jan 2004, 15:16
by Fidjit

Re: series 4 dickons winning quest

Posted: 08 Jan 2004, 15:20
by King_Gazz
Two Motley :S what u mean buddy?

Re: series 4 dickons winning quest

Posted: 08 Jan 2004, 15:22
by Fidjit
One... Number of posts Zagor needs  ;D

Re: series 4 dickons winning quest

Posted: 09 Jan 2004, 00:40
by MoanaLiza
...and I say congrats on your Knighthoods boys :)

Series 4 Episode 13

Posted: 19 Aug 2004, 19:54
by Tom41
Resumed from time-out after having called Hordriss (Malefact), and gained two spells - FIRE and OPPOSITE. Unusually, Hordriss didn't do anything about the skull that was floating around!

Encountered Malice at the entrance to the Corridor of Blades. Agreed to become one of her subjects 'for now' so they could get past her. Then into the CoB itself, which they manouvred through very well, no discrepancy of any blade touching him! They didn't panic here as much as other teams, so perhaps that's why they survived.

Malice appeared on the bridge (where Mogdred often appeared in the previous series) and asked if Dickon wanted to pledge allegience forever to her. They said no, so Malice decided to crumble the bridge. They walked quickly across, just managing to make it before the bridge fell.

In another room, Malice appeared YET again, and wanted to finish them off. Used the FIRE spell to defeat her, then used the OPPOSITE spell to turn their bottle of poison into a life-restorer! I think they should have died here, they took their time deciding what to do about eating or drinking something.

At this point, my digibox decided to 'red button' itself, so I only got sound for the next couple of minutes (and Challenge play-along on the screen) until I managed to get out of it. Did I miss anything?

Next, encountered Dooreen, the Level 3 door/drawbridge monster. The only team in this series to actually get far enough to encounter her! Had to answer all 3 riddles correctly to get through, and they did so!

In the next room there was a statue wearing a crown, and an ENORMOUS floating skull. The skull went out of the room and Dickon picked up the crown, thus completing the quest! The first winning team since Series 2!

Merlin was summoned to the antechamber and gave the team some trophy things as a memento of their winning quest. "Nothing like this has happened since... 1988... I've forgotten!". Then Merlin spellcast HOME to get them back.

Next is Jeremy's team, from London. Chose the Shield quest in the Place of Choice. Then onto Dooris. Pickle told them the calling as usual (notice him asking the adviser to budge up so he could sit on the stool!), and they scored 3/3 on the True and False riddles, so gained passage.

Malice was in the Eye-Shield room, with a witch in the background manipulating a magic broom. The witch is called 'Goody', apparently! Agreed to retrieve an object (silver chalice) for Malice, and got the eye-shield. Timed out just as Malice left the room.
Treguard and Pickle 'drifted off' from the viewers, and under the credits were photos of the team and the crown in Dickon's hand.