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Re:Series 4, Episode 11

Posted: 17 Aug 2004, 21:08
by Billy
This is the first episode of S4 I've seen since last year, due to being on holiday.
S4 is an odd mix between S3 and S5- we have all the new backgrounds and stuff, yet still wellways and the whole Merlin/Mogdred thing. We saw a Pooka for the first time today- it looked pretty good, despite only being 2 alternating frames, and it would have been great if a CGI version based on this design (instead of the later green one) appeared in later years.
And at the end we saw Motley trapped in the stocks- a Series 4 trademark!

Re:Series 4, Episode 11

Posted: 18 Aug 2004, 00:46
by SrWilson3S
Thats the second time you see a pooka actually - Simons team was the first to meet one.
But yes those green turnip things later on were horrible.

Re:Series 4, Episode 11

Posted: 18 Aug 2004, 15:18
by TheBrollachan
We say Hordriss creating his red hair dye - well that's what appeared to be in the other bottle on the table. ;)

Re:Series 4, Episode 11

Posted: 15 Feb 2006, 09:22
by Billy
Now we're onto the episodes I commented on in August 2004. I wouldn't start my longer summaries until episode 16, though, so I'm commenting on them again anyway.

Having overslept for Episodes 9 and 10 yesterday (which I'll record should the series be shown again in April) we start the episode with Dickon the Dungeoneer. The entrance for the Crazed Heffer has an unusual look compared to other Series 4 rooms...looks like a black and white photo that's been coloured in. Milly, Molly, and Melly are all there (Mally and Mully must have been elsewhere) and Melly gives them the name of Oakley's chip off the old block, Little Acorn, which sounds like an 80s computer used by mice.

Fatilla does his ha-ha-you-can't-fool-me-oh-my-god-the-tree's-alive routine again, and Dickon proves he's a 'tree friend' by giving Little Acorn's name. They take the horn, insert Pickle joke here.

Into the Level 1 wellway room, where some assassins run away (there's a jump in the picture after they do, indicating it was prerecorded). But look, it's Fatilla again! And he mentions 'Old skull-face', interestingly. It could apply to Mogdred, though he wasn't really a 'leader' in the way LF would later be, just a big baddie.

After some fun with DOWNERS and UPPERS, Motley's trapped in yet another Thing That Constrains People, where we Time Out. Treguard and Pickle start a staring match as the credits begin, but lose pretty quickly when the editor decides to show us a nice farm instead. Pity they didn't continue the staring right through the credits, that'd have been great!

Re: Series 4, Episode 11

Posted: 02 Aug 2011, 21:56
by Canadanne
LOL at Mellisandre commenting "Ooh, you're carrying a lot of stuff" - just you wait 'til Series 8, love!

Great reaction from Michael Cule when Dickon says "I'll give you a horn!" - he only just manages to go "You what??" with a straight face. *g*

Re: Series 4, Episode 11

Posted: 01 May 2014, 22:11
by Canadanne
I love it when there are continuity details I didn't even notice the first few times I watched. In Dickon's quest, Motley says an unspecified Opposition member stuck him in the pillory after taking offence to a saucy joke about "the three Assassins and the sorceress"... and earlier in the same episode, Motley could be seen entertaining Mistress Goody at the back of the Crazed Heifer throughout Dickon's scene with Mellisandre. I'm probably not the first person to spot the connection but I doubt I'm the last, either - that is pretty subtle!

Re: Series 4, Episode 11

Posted: 07 Feb 2016, 17:42
by EvelynMason
Had a rare opportunity this morning to take in a viewing of the show and to be truthful this is the first time I've probably watched this far into the series on television since it's original broadcast 25 + years ago.

One thing you can't escape is the transformation in technology and advancements from the earliest series, and all this in a time span of some 18 months - 2 years. River crossings, eye shields, woodland paths etc - even Pickle has now been introduced ! Must have missed the entire series 3 as well as a good many episodes of Series 4 and I feel behind others people's knowledge or understanding of the series, but until Challenge can move the 10 am start time to another slot on a Sunday, I invariably have to miss out. >:D

I think there is another show listed for later tonight but not sure if that's a repeat of earlier or a different episode from what I watched today. You can bet I'll be tuning in regardless.

Anyway back to this morning, and had forgotten about the tree monsters (i.e. variation from wall monsters) I actually found this one more intimidating than usual barriers such as Granitas and Igneous, but until I can take in further viewings of this series will have to reserve judgement on just how effective they could be.

The large man with the bat who took the offer of a horn for payment is surely a parody of the Olaf character from the earliest series and straight away I found him a much better replacement. Ariadne made an appearance (good to see she's still involved) and should have eaten the dungeoneer but as Treguard remarked, "was looking for a more substantial snack".

The river crossing was fun, even if taking up a certain amount of playing time (like Smirkinorf (Dragon) in the later series) but that's probably because I possess a selfish desire to see the dungeoneer involved in a situation at every turn. We don't always appreciate (as eager viewers) the need for travel or indeed rest.

The floating skulls / Pooka's, didn't frighten nearly enough as one may expect but still find the goblins sinister despite their diminutive appearance. Hordriss was in one of the episodes today but not sure if it was this one or the other directly before it (10)

The uppers and downers tablets were a bit silly I thought (an obvious nod to Alice in Wonderland perhaps) and made me laugh when Treguard assured the dungeoneer the need to only take one - instead of the whole supply ;D Remember watching that once you had taken an 'upper' pill and growing back to full size it was impossible to get back through the same door of entry (if you so wanted) as the downers' were on the other side. (Maybe I'm reading too much into things) ???

Anyway once again a rare chance to see an episode this morning and there is another one (why not two ?) later today around 11pm /12 am so maybe I'll get another opportunity to revisit this mornings viewing and take things in for a second time.

(Seriously I find Challenge's broadcast showings unsatisfactory and whatever they may have the rights to show or feature, long for the day when the show becomes available to own on DVD. This would clear or remedy so many problems and issues.)

Re: Series 4, Episode 11

Posted: 07 Feb 2016, 21:40
by JamesA
EvelynMason wrote:Anyway once again a rare chance to see an episode this morning and there is another one (why not two ?) later today around 11pm /12 am so maybe I'll get another opportunity to revisit this mornings viewing and take things in for a second time.
Ah yes, there's an episode being shown at 11.30pm tonight - I wonder if I can stay up late enough?

Thanks for the heads up.

Re: Series 4, Episode 11

Posted: 27 Jun 2020, 15:36
by Morghanna
Team 6 quickly began to look like a very calm and competent team.
Nice scene with Hordriss, who asked them to play a trick on Brother Mace in exchange for his help. :)
First sighting of the Crazed Heifer Inn. Presumably Milly & Molly are Melly's siblings?
Another team who didn't have to face three questions from Oakley. (This time because they had already dealt with Melly's query and so knew what to say to Oakley.) They got the clue info they needed.
Used the horn to the evade the goblins, then used it again as a "bribe" for Fatilla, so they could enter the well.
Interesting that Fatilla referred to his orders from "old skull-face". Not sure who he meant. The description doesn't fit Mogdred, but Lord Fear didn't arrive until series 5.

Into level 2 and they got a sharp comment from Treguard for trying to take the whole dish of tablets, then another for not hurrying-up.
Used the "downer" tablets to escape thru a small exit, then found some "upper" tablets to return to normal size. Seriously? ;)
Encountered Motley as time-out arrived again.

Re: Series 4, Episode 11

Posted: 27 Jun 2020, 16:06
by s4t8brett
I tend to think Fatilla's two references to, "old skull-face" (he says something similar to team 7) were a proto-reference to Lord Fear, Morghanna. In episode 16, Brother Mace said, "People round here don't like being spied on by magic shields; I must tell you!" which also anticipates series 5-8. The narrative and allusions to contemporary topics rumble on in spite of the contestants! (Tim said it had to be entertaining for viewers at home, as well as the contestants).

Re: Series 4, Episode 11

Posted: 27 Jun 2020, 17:58
by Morghanna
Yes, that would fit Fatilla's words best. I like the idea of plot references to things yet to be seen.