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Re: series 4 episode 11 avi...

Posted: 14 Jun 2003, 23:28
by Johnr
Hey Leggy...Will the latest episode (12) be available before Challenge? show Ep 13. later on?

Re: series 4 episode 11 avi...

Posted: 15 Jun 2003, 00:24
by Leggy1210
I had to take Episode 12 from VHS so it's taken much longer to prepare  :(

I don't think it will be uploaded before Episode 13 is shown on Challenge, but as soon as Eps. 12 is ready I will update the links - likewise with Eps 13.

Re: series 4 episode 11 avi...

Posted: 15 Jun 2003, 00:37
by Johnr
So both ep12 and tonight's ep will be available before Sunday's episode?

Re: series 4 episode 11 avi...

Posted: 15 Jun 2003, 05:34
by Leggy1210

Re: series 4 episode 11 avi...

Posted: 15 Jun 2003, 23:03
by Lord_Kram
could u put the episode 11 http up? there doesnt seem to be a download available :(

Re: series 4 episode 11 avi...

Posted: 15 Jun 2003, 23:25
by Leggy1210
Episode 11 was taken down this afternoon to make room for 14... it is still available via E-Donkey though.

I'm currently uploading it again, try the links page around 10pm/10:15pm - should be done by then. It will have to be removed tomorrow though to make room for episode 15!

Re: series 4 episode 11 avi...

Posted: 16 Jun 2003, 02:32
by Lord_Kram
let us know when it is rdy?  ;D thank u very much!!

Re: series 4 episode 11 avi...

Posted: 16 Jun 2003, 02:41
by Leggy1210
It is ready!  :)

Re: series 4 episode 11 avi...

Posted: 16 Jun 2003, 02:49
by smirkenorff
Thanks, Leggy!

Is it possible that you could find another place to upload some of the earlier episodes of series 4, I have 1 - 7, but missed out on 8, 9 and 10...

Re: series 4 episode 11 avi...

Posted: 16 Jun 2003, 02:52
by Leggy1210
I'm afraid I have no where else to post the previous episodes... but they are all still available via E-Donkey.

Series 4 finishes next Tuesday, and by Friday, all the HTTP downloads will be taken down.

Sorry guys!

Re: series 4 episode 11 avi...

Posted: 16 Jun 2003, 17:21
by Pickle123
not at all, thank you very much leggy. It's nice both short term and in the long run. so thanks.

on that note...the petition is up and running...check meh sigeh! ;)

Re: series 4 episode 11 avi...

Posted: 16 Jun 2003, 23:56
by Leggy1210
excellent work Pickle! It has been signed!  :)

Episodes 11 and 12 will be removed later, and 15 will be upped.

;DRe: series 4 episode 11 avi...

Posted: 17 Jun 2003, 06:41
by Pickle123
lol, cheers leggs ;)

BTW: how come people kep calling me "Pickle" my nake is clearly "Pickle ^_^". I don't mind it's just that there's someone else nicked the name "Pickle" and they may think you're talking to them ;D

Series 4 Episode 11

Posted: 17 Aug 2004, 19:57
by Tom41
(merge this with the previous S4E11 thread if it exists)

Team was only 4 minutes into their quest when resumed from time-out! Crossed the drawbridge and entered the eye-shield room, with Hordriss - and also a witch who was manipulating a sweeping broom with magic!
Hordriss gave them a bottle of green liquid, with instructions to give it to Brother Mace, and convince Mace that it contains 50-year-old brandy! Also got the eye-shield. One of the advisers commented that Hordriss looked like "not the sort of man to disagree with".

A lot of teams seem to think that the grass-like thing in the path is an obstruction and instruct the dungeoneer to either stop or step over it.

Arrived outside the Crazed Heffer Inn, and an early Pooka appeared and chased them inside! I like the mix of the Crazed Heffer music and the scary Pooka chord!
Inside the inn, they were given some bread for food, and met Mellisandre for information. Mellisandre didn't know what the Romans called Colchester, and since she didn't know, the team just made up an answer! A sign of things to come (Brollachan) perhaps? =P Mellisandre gave them some information - Oakley's son is called Little Acorn.

Exited the inn down some stairs, with Dickon strangely casting the shadow of a cameraman and camera ;) and into the woods again - then into Oakley's glen.
There was a strange tapping noise in this area - what from? Also, only two items on the tree stump. But they still had to keep the 'brandy' so could only take one other item!
Fatilla appeared and tried to loot the items on the tablem, but Oakley suddenly appeared and frightened Fatilla away! Then Dickon gave Oakley the information (his son is Little Acorn), to prove he was a friend. Oakley told them that the horn would deafen goblins, so they decided to take it and leave the silver.

In the ruins of Dungarth, used the horn to scare goblins away. The horn sound was a modified version of the original goblin horn sound, and was quite scary! No 'Dickon got the horn' line though :(

Next, the wellway room. Two assassins (or monks) were going around in the background, but ran away at the sight of Dickon. The wellway appeared unguarded, but as they approached Fatilla came out from behind! They convinced Fatilla that the horn was magic and he took it - allowing Dickon to go down the wellway. Unusually, they were allowed to take the 'brandy' to the next level, because it was a magic object.
Fatilla mentioned 'Old skull-face' - could that be Lord Fear? (even though he didn't appear till next series)

In Level 2, landed on a table with a skull above it. Took one 'DOWNERS' pill (but didn't consume it), then got out of the room. In the next room, Dickon ate the Downer pill to shrink down and get through a small door!
On the other side of the door, ate another pill (UPPERS) to return to normal size. Look closely and you'll see that the Uppers bowl also increases in size ;)

Next room, Motley was in the stocks - but timed out just as they got into the room!
Treguard and Pickle 'stared' at the watchers as the credits started, but then the background cut to a view around a farm.

Re:Series 4 Episode 11

Posted: 17 Aug 2004, 19:59
by BeeBee
"Can I give you a horn?"

Classic :D