Series 4 - Episode 16

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Re: Series 4 - Episode 16

Post by s4t8brett »

As I recall, they showed us Giles' actual trainers when we filmed it... but it seems they didn't record it!
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Re: Series 4 - Episode 16

Post by Drassil »

I'm going to do something I thought I'd never do. I'm going to say something complimentary about the Christmas scene.

I like the way John Woodnutt provides his own sound effect when he magics up the decorations. (I recall a story about Ewan McGregor doing the same thing with his light sabre when filming The Phantom Menace.) It's probably better that he wasn't asked to spellcast or recite an incantation, given how much else was going on in that scene.

There. It wasn't easy but I did it. I need a rest now.
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Re: Series 4 - Episode 16

Post by Morghanna »

Ok, to continue this trend of leniency :exclaim: towards this controversial scene: I think it was the circumstances rather than the scene itself that felt wrong.
Given that Knightmare was originally an autumn broadcast and most series ended immediately before the festive period, this closing xmas scene might have been ok in a different series, for example when S7 T7 received their trophies.
It was really unfortunate that they chose to use it in an episode where a team had just been cruelly cut-off on the brink of victory. After that, the "never mind lads, at least it's nearly xmas...." seemed like a real slap in the face. ::)
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Re: Series 4 - Episode 16

Post by Mashibinbin »

One thing I like in the closing moments of the scene is the inimitable Hugo Myatt saying my first name in the team's farewell. Given it's a rare one it has the almost feeling of being addressed directly by the great man himself.
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