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Series 3 - Episode 9

Posted: 03 Feb 2003, 19:15
by elloello
that team on series 3 that never took the crayon but need it, the room in which the crayon was needed was about 6 rooms after the clue room in which they had the chance to take the crayon, and so they pointlessly worked there way through 6 rooms to find they made a mistake so early on in the game that was killed them now, they where doomed from the start, should of been a bit sooner on to save them wasting there time me thinks

I'm guessing...

Posted: 03 Feb 2003, 20:11
by WhiteFloatingSkull
That they decided that there was no point in killin' them that quickly - can't figure the reasoning, but it looks to me like a case of 'Live & learn' to the rest of the potential dungeoneers at the time...

M'eh, I got nothing to work with here - Bleh.  ;D

Re: Somthing Strange about Knightmare

Posted: 03 Feb 2003, 23:05
by elloello
imageine on the first room you enter you dont pick up an object, and at the very end of Level 3 you die and TreGuard says "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HHHHHHHHHH NASTY, IF ONLY YOU HAD PICKED UP THE BRICK AT THE START"

Re: Somthing Strange about Knightmare

Posted: 03 Feb 2003, 23:07
by Purgatory
well its not up to the people behind the screen, after all the team overcome everything they fased. also they could have took a different door wich may had lead them into a different way of getting level 2

Re: Somthing Strange about Knightmare

Posted: 04 Feb 2003, 00:17
by Thanatos
That wouldn't happen, Elloello, because each level was self-contained.

Re: Somthing Strange about Knightmare

Posted: 04 Feb 2003, 00:28
by elloello
I stand corrected

Re: Somthing Strange about Knightmare

Posted: 04 Feb 2003, 00:32
by GrimaldineGrimwold
That wouldn't happen, Elloello, because each level was self-contained.
Although that's usually true, Series 3 Team 9, who died in Merlin's Room in Level 2 because they didn't earn a step clue from the wall monster in Level 1 might not agree.

Re: Somthing Strange about Knightmare

Posted: 04 Feb 2003, 00:42
by elloello
You dont need a spell, I could easily jump from the platform onto the Piece of floor that makes Merlin appear, I was shouting to the T.V (JUST JUMP), Doesn't matter is I have a helmet on my head, I'll just jump in a staight line

Kelly's Crayon Quest

Posted: 27 Jun 2003, 04:08
by Valiant
I was just wondering what other people thought of deaths that incorporated a lack of an essential object due to no obvious error by a team.

The episode today had one such example with the team doing fairly well and even getting two riddles correct but unfortunatley for them choosing the gold proved unwise.

Basically their quest hinged on a 50-50 decision due to the amount of information recieved and I'm fairly sure that given past precedent of gold being helpful in previous quests most teams would have also picked this object.

Comparing level one of season three to basically any other especially season four which was shown recently really highlights how tough and at times unfair certain quests were what with several teams plodding forward due to blind luck and nothing more in later years.

I didn't really think Kelly's team deserved to be killed of so early and I'm sure in later series that would have easily got to level two as the quest would have altered to accomodate them.

Any other examples of early deaths in level one that seem unfair or unjust or an ooh nasty due to a 50-50 on an object?

Did they do away with clue rooms in level three after series three or was it four?

Also there seemed to be about three or four different people running about at the end of the cavern path leading to the Vale of Vanburn. One of which was Hordriss. Any explanations?

Re: Kelly's Crayon Quest

Posted: 28 Jun 2003, 01:54
by Werewolf
Quite frankly, ANY team thinking that a saucer was deeper than an ocean deserved to die in some nasty way...maybe drowning in the pool room would have been nicely ironic. I don't think their death was very well done though. They should have been able to read the scroll, realise they needed the crayon (cue: worried faces all round, fumbling around with their useless gold etc) THEN gotten crushed by the ogre.

At least then Treguard would have been able to get rid of them more quickly.  ::)

Oh, and wasn't Kelly's T shirt a bit short? Or was that a fashion at the time? In 1989, I thought jogging bottoms were the pinnacle of fashion...

*nostalgic sigh*

Re: Kelly's Crayon Quest

Posted: 28 Jun 2003, 02:18
by Whiteknight
Well, there were basically 3 main ways for a team to be killed off in the earlier series.

1.  A simple error.  Walking off the path into a pit of quicksand for example (series 3 team 1).  This is not unfair at all because the failure is of the team's own making.

2.  Being caught out by the perils of the dungeon like many teams were when the corridor of blades was introduced from series 4.  This was totally fair because it was up to the wit and skill of the team to make it through these rooms.

3.  Not having an essential clue object (such as series 3 team 7) or a spell (such as series 2 team 12).  This is not necessarily unfair either because such a 50-50 decision would not have to be made should the team have answered all of the questions correctly (which was the main way to gain knowledge of the usefulness of objects or a spell).  The only time that it would be unfair would be if the question asked was too difficult ... Avebury springs to mind here for some reason.  ::)

Re: Kelly's Crayon Quest

Posted: 28 Jun 2003, 06:01
by Purgatory
Also they did take the wrong path a couple of times.

I notice a left door being used when goblins were after them, also they took th right door when the front door was marked with the quest icon..  duh!

not theses should not lead to death but they put the team in a couple of nasty rooms which the team could have done with out.. but it was due to not getting the clue.

Also was it me or did the gold look pink?

Re: Kelly's Crayon Quest

Posted: 28 Jun 2003, 23:34
by Selphie85
there was that team that took a while to work out if the jester had a frog's leg in each hand then he must have been holding a frog. they died soon.

Re: Kelly's Crayon Quest

Posted: 30 Jun 2003, 16:08
by KaM
Yes, Mephisto, sir - I do agree that the gold looked a suspect colour. As well as the unusal quality of the crayon, which, relatively speaking, wouldn't count for much on an individual team's choice of objects, I think that colouring would have been the main indicator if they meant to be as particularly harsh on the riddle-to-info basis, to avoid the gold and take the other clue object. [deep breath, long sentence] - I do think their quest was a little unfair, and would have liked to see them tested more adequately in level 2.

Re: Kelly's Crayon Quest

Posted: 30 Jun 2003, 21:04
by Emii
they died soon.
Hee hee hee *snerk* you're one of those people who can say stuff innocently and with a perfectly straight face, aren't you?