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by Billy
12 May 2014, 02:39
Forum: Knightmare Convention
Topic: Eastern Daily Press article
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Re: Eastern Daily Press article!/image/1958181686.jpg Everyone in this picture is a long-standing KM forum member! Alex_Smith the dungeoneer, and clockwise from top left we have JamesA, Pooka, Mashibinbin...and doing that weird hand thing at the bottom left is yours truly. :...
by Billy
12 May 2014, 02:26
Forum: Real Life Meetups
Topic: Knightmare Discussion Forum Convention
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Convention (Old Discussions 2004-2006)

Had a search to find my old, ridiculous idea of a Knightmare Convention I wrote here in January 2006 and I note that it's been merged with various other similar threads over the years, as all seen above - looks like I wasn't quite the first but predicting something eight years too early is still pre...
by Billy
31 Aug 2013, 00:06
Forum: Series 2
Topic: Series 2 - Episode 9
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Re: Series 2 - Episode 9

Very, very odd quest. They really did just keep being let off at every turn - the Bumptious room seemed to have absolutely no point to it other than being a comedy bit of Thatcher-era satire, given that the riddles clearly had no effect on the team. Had they actually cast the SHOVEL spell correctly,...
by Billy
24 Aug 2013, 13:34
Forum: Series 2
Topic: Series 2 - Episode 8
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Re: Series 2 - Episode 8

Echoing Wombstar's message here, a bizarre episode and an equally bizarre quest. Only one right in the Level 1 clue room and yet they've progressed well into level 2. Mildread tells them she'd have preferred a bone instead of a potion (and you can see the team's "Oh crap, we're dead" expre...
by Billy
17 Aug 2013, 20:08
Forum: Doctor Who
Topic: The Sixth Doctor
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Re: The Sixth Doctor

I don't think there's any universally-agreed Best Sixth Doctor Story, he made so few (and that era in general is controversial enough to have at least one negative aspect per serial) but this I think is general fan consensus: Twin Dilemma: Avoid like the plaque. Or watch if you want a hilarious exam...
by Billy
16 Aug 2013, 14:26
Forum: Knightmare Live
Topic: Knightmare Live in Edinburgh - 13/08/2013
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Knightmare Live in Edinburgh - 13/08/2013 "Ticket for Knightmare Live, please!" I say at the Gilded Balloon box office, four and a half hours before it starts but getting my ticket early to be on the safe side. "I don't think that's possible" came the reply. She checks the com...
by Billy
05 Aug 2013, 23:50
Forum: Knightmare in Geek Week
Topic: The new KM episode is up!
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Re: The new KM episode is up!

I think some people were expecting a perfect, jaw-dropping "Series 9" of an episode that was going to absolutely blow them away and be the best episode ever made in the history of the show, or at least near. Secretly so did I but that was always going to be impossible - it was only filmed ...
by Billy
03 Aug 2013, 06:29
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Life force footage
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Re: Life force footage

They'd be long dead in something like Series 1's battle of insults :p

"Ooh, nasty. Sorry team, but sometimes our supporting cast members just get too carried away..."
by Billy
02 Aug 2013, 23:42
Forum: Series 2
Topic: Series 2 - Episode 5
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Re: Series 2 - Episode 5

Well. :) An easy ride or not, there's something genuinely uplifting and oddly poignant about the moment they win. Treguard (and indeed Hugo) is clearly loving it and the team really do seem overjoyed, their smiles and relief incredibly infectious as HEROES is spellcast. But then let's look at Level ...
by Billy
02 Aug 2013, 20:47
Forum: Knightmare in Geek Week
Topic: Knightmare in the Metro
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Knightmare in the Metro

A bit late to the party and doesn't tell us much we didn't know already, but here's today's Metro getting in on the act (half of a longer article that goes into Geek Week itself): (if it doesn't show up,
by Billy
02 Aug 2013, 19:41
Forum: Newbie Welcome
Topic: 'Lo
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Re: Back again

Welcome back! You prob don't remember me but I'm one of the early-noughties bunch who's also returned after a long absence. You've definitely chosen a great time to return - seems being a KM fan in 2013 is the new cool thing!
by Billy
02 Aug 2013, 17:13
Forum: Knightmare in Geek Week
Topic: Forum Member Reward
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Re: Forum Member Reward

Dungeon Doom?

Lords of the Game?

New "director's cut" of the ending to Series 4 where Giles actually wins the damn cup?

Never-shown Knightmare/Fun House crossover episodes filmed in 1995 with Pat hosting KM and Hugo hosting FH?

Whatever it is I look forward to it :D
by Billy
02 Aug 2013, 01:29
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: The funniest death on Knightmare?
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Re: The funniest death on Knightmare?

Think it's fair to say that Series 4's "Sidestep to your left" is the death that's lasted longest in people's memories, although "Red, green, blue, grey!" in the youtube age has gained a nice momentum too. How about least funniest? There's a fair few deaths in Series 3 that piss ...
by Billy
02 Aug 2013, 01:22
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Life force footage
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Re: Life force footage

Even at the age of 12 I realised that the so called "life force warnings" were pretty meaningless. Perhaps if they'd have been a bit more careful with its usage, but when teams are constantly about 0.3 seconds away from it running out just as they're putting some food in their knapsack it ...
by Billy
30 Jul 2013, 02:09
Forum: Knightmare Live
Topic: BBC News and Knightmare
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Re: Knightmare Live - Edinburgh - August 2013

The BBC have made a video about the show:

Starting to wonder if I should book my ticket in advance now, just in case it sells out!