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by Mashibinbin
17 Jun 2004, 17:04
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Topic: Re:Forum Concern...
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Re:Forum Concern...

Dear all, it has been an age since I set foot in here. I had initially high for the new design etc. Unfortanately we were plagued with ppl who put me severely off returning. Whilst not being able to access these forums in Shanghai, for thats where I am at present, I have been getting slowly more enc...
by Mashibinbin
30 Jul 2003, 03:23
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Topic: Resurrections
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Re: Resurrections

Well I too am sad it's come to this. I also have been put off this forum majorly by some of the idiotic postings and posters that are in abundance at times. Sometimes things things go too far and this is a clear example.

I hope the whole scenario is never repeated.

for the record I'm a 'he'  :)
by Mashibinbin
18 Nov 2002, 16:48
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Re: Welcome

Well done! :D It's a knice professional approach and I hope it suceeds.