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by Fidjit
16 Jun 2003, 13:31
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: most etnse room
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Re: most etnse room

:-*    :-*     :-*     :-*     :-*     :-* Mine has got to be either the Play Your Cards Right or The Block and Tackle, because you have to be not only quick but very smart. Mwa Ha Ha Ha Ha!
by Fidjit
09 Jun 2003, 11:32
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Knightmare video game ideas
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Re: Knightmare video game ideas

Brilliant Idea Arcengal! Motley, your jolly jester also made a topic on a game... I discussed did the control layout for the dungeoneer and stuff...
by Fidjit
09 Jun 2003, 11:27
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: What age are you...?
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Re: What age are you...?

16, I think I saw series 1992 onward
by Fidjit
04 Jun 2003, 13:21
Forum: News Discussion
Topic: New Petition
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New Petition

How about we start a petition to get a programmer to create a Knightmare game! Hand in all our ideas and send them off!
by Fidjit
02 Jun 2003, 15:20
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: New PC Game
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New PC Game

]I've got a great idea for a PC Game of Knightmare... You can control the dungeoneer by clicking on it and using the directional buttons to guide him and use any alternate key to sidestep and other options... Use the mouse to pick up clue objects and to answer questions and stuff like that, that wou...
by Fidjit
02 Jun 2003, 15:03
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Worst team
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Re: Worst team

Golgarach is right, that Douglas was pretty lame, I saw it all happen and thought why did I waste my time watching this loser
by Fidjit
20 May 2003, 12:14
Forum: Reminds me of Knightmare
Topic: The Fish
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Virtually Impossible

Does anyone remember that program. Okay, this is a Knightmare site I know, but I can't find anymore about it?

Knightmare Theme Tunes at:
by Fidjit
07 May 2003, 11:30
Forum: Series 3
Topic: Series 3 Team 4
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Series 3 Team 4

Has anyone seen the closest team to finish Series 3, I've only seen Leo get to Level 3 just as he met Mogdread but I haven't seen anything else up to that. Does someone know how it ended? The series guide doesn't explain it in detail and has no picture If anyone wants any theme tunes for KNIGHTMARE ...
by Fidjit
31 Mar 2003, 12:14
Forum: Website Feedback
Topic: Life Force
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Life Force

Would it be possible to view the first two life forces in MPG and AVI format so it can be run through MEDIA PLAYER
by Fidjit
11 Mar 2003, 10:49
Forum: Bring Back Knightmare
Topic: ps2 game
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Re: ps2 game

Yeah! You've got the right idea... I mentioned a computer evaluated version of KNIGHTMARE in the "General Knightmare Discussion" under "Knightmare Games" That would be cooler still on a console, but the downside would be the control layout, I mean, it was hard enough playing &quo...
by Fidjit
06 Mar 2003, 10:40
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Knightmare Games
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Knightmare Games

;) Why don't they bring KNIGHTMARE out on PC-CD? Wouldn't that be great to play it at home, in the comfort of your favourite chair and guide a virtual reality dungeoneer around rooms and stuff.