• Knightmare meets automatic subtitles
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Knightmare meets automatic subtitles

Posted: Sun Apr 21, 2019 3:39 pm
by Drassil
As you may remember from a previous forum thread, The ITV Children's Classics YouTube channel is a source of authorised Knightmare clips: over 600 of them spanning Series 1 and Series 7-8. If you want to explore these, you can use the chronological series-by-series playlists I put together.

There's some entertainment to be had in turning on the automatic subtitles during a clip and watching YouTube struggle with the finer points of Knightmare dialogue.

For example: Lord Fear, Lissard And Sidriss
a.k.a. Series 8 Quest 3: spyglass scene of Lord Fear, Lissard and the Bimboid


Below is what the characters say versus what the subtitles say.

Lissard: Lordness
Subtitles: goodness/notice/ruinous/slowness

Lord Fear: You know, Lissard, me old frog
Subtitles: you know it's hard my old frog

Lord Fear: I'm calling it a bimboid
Subtitles: I'm calling it a big boy

Lissard: Hordriss
Subtitles: gorgeous

Lord Fear: Go get me tea
Subtitles: don't get me King

It did get "skeletron" right though.

I'm hoping some of you will try this with other Knightmare clips and post any amusing findings here.