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Re:Series 3 Team 10

Posted: Thu May 27, 2004 11:36 am
by HStorm
If we single you out, PD, it's because you do it more than anyone else (you've only been on the forum about two weeks and you've already started about thirty new threads!) but don't take it personally, we're just asking you not to make the boards difficult to navigate.

As for the answer to the question - a bribe.

There, that's basically the end of the discussion. I mean we could try to go off on obscure tangents, but as nobody's going to know the real answer for sure anyway, it's a bit of a redundant question to begin with. See why it wasn't worth starting a new thread for?

Re:Series 3 Team 10

Posted: Thu May 27, 2004 11:37 am
by Fidjit

Re:Series 3 Team 10

Posted: Thu May 27, 2004 3:47 pm
by Kieran
I am not singleing anybody out, as my post stated, it is the general amount of the topics which could do with trimming down. It would be nice to squeeze as much as you could into 1 topic, and make browsing a lot easier on the forums.

Please do not take it personally, Pendragon, I just made a suggestion which could make life a bit easier for people on the forums.

Thank you.

Re:Series 3 Team 10

Posted: Thu May 27, 2004 8:07 pm
by MoanaLiza
I think the same thing goes for posting two or more questions post after post in a row on the same thread, as there is always that modify button that can be pressed to edit a post. As for the episode by episode reviews, that's a bit slightly different and a bit more difficult for each ep to go onto one particular thread as they would end up being very long. My opinion though.

Re:Series 3 Team 10

Posted: Thu May 27, 2004 8:11 pm
by Kieran
Yes, seeing 1 person post several times in a row makes it feel a bit unnecessary.

A 'Knightmare Questions' subsection might be helpful, we do get a lot of Q's about the show which can clog the place up a bit.

Re:Series 3 Team 10

Posted: Thu May 27, 2004 8:58 pm
by MoanaLiza
That's what the FANSFAQ is for. We wouldn't want to see HStorm do all that work for nothing.

Re:Series 3 Team 10

Posted: Thu May 27, 2004 9:04 pm
by HStorm
Actually, it would SAVE me a lot of update work in the future! ;D And there's no reason why we can't have both.

Re:Series 3 Team 10

Posted: Fri May 28, 2004 8:39 am
by Fidjit
HStorm keeps everyone in order. But he is right PD, we have to keep topics nice and simple... :)

It's like the episode non-spoiler topics, it is a topic that has been talked about within the last couple of days. If you want to discuss Series Three, you can send me IM's if you wish :)

And I must say it cartainly isn't easy sending emotions though text now, so we mustn't be too over critical.

I know... I've been there...

Re:Series 3 Team 10

Posted: Fri May 28, 2004 10:51 am
by HStorm
Fidjit wrote: HStorm keeps everyone in order.
Do I? News to me. Last I knew this was Illusion's forum and he seemed to be doing a good job keeping things moving smoothly.
But he is right PD, we have to keep topics nice and simple... :)
I didn't say that, Glenn. All I said was it's a problem when the forum becomes saturated with unnecessary new topics because people find it harder to find their way around.

Re:Series 3 Team 10

Posted: Fri May 28, 2004 10:52 am
by Fidjit
Well, okay yes... Sorry wrong thing said, again! ::)

Re:Series 3 Team 10

Posted: Tue Jun 08, 2004 6:40 pm
by Illusion
If any members have comments or complaints about the way members post on this forum, please send me an IM and I will deal with it. There really isn't a need to debate it on the forum, and certainly not on a personal level.

I check the forum daily and if I think people are posting unsuitably I inform them and remove/edit threads as necessary. I'm sure you'll agree that this forum runs suprisingly well nowadays considering how busy it is, and I would like to thank everyone for their co-operation.

Series 3 - Episode 13

Posted: Tue Jul 27, 2004 6:59 pm
by HarveyTowers
Opened in the Merlin's chamber and took the steps they had earned.

Merlin said they had to sccore 2 out of 2 to gain help - doesn't he usually help them with 1 out of 2 anyway.

The team didn't get any help as they only got 1 right. This team are definatly getting it tough.

The raven was asking "who's a cheeky boy" and they learnt the password was either "cheeky boys" or "goodnight Jack"

Into the toad chamber. We saw some Goblins run away from Velda who they had just tied up. Velda gave her an elven stone and told her it was valued by everyone.

Into the Corridor of the Catacombs where they were locked in. Seeing the goblins come out of all the doors was quite scary really. And that creepy death music. And then of course we heard the "present" line bit of an anticlimax really...

Presumably this team would have gained help from Merlin (a spell to defeat eh goblins) had they got both their riddles right but I must say that I think that this team's quest was much tougher than some of the others and help was held back after both sets of riddles despite the fact that they had earned it.

Anyway, [puts soapbox away] new team who began with the dice as always.

They began in a rather wet spot - in the middle of the poolroom to be precise. More great use of music but was the shark really the best thing to be in the pool - there would have been more imaginative ideas.

Met Motley in the kitchen as they were about to take a pie which was left out for Grimwold. Why does everyone tell "cross the road" jokes. Gained the spell GHOST.

Into Golgarch's room, he wasn't quite lined up today but a bit squinty.

Team scored 2 out of 3 and gained knowledge that they should not take the gold and that the first step was the tree. Did Julie's team get such help on 2/3? Did they walls!

The dungeoneer had to duck as they walked along the dwarf tunnels and came out into the fire room with a haunting. They seemed to think thy should use a clue object but this was not needed. Then timed out.

PS Off on holiday now, hope you all manage without me.

Re:Series 3 - Episode 13

Posted: Tue Jul 27, 2004 7:00 pm
by Tom41
Merlin appeared before the dungeoneer had stepped onto the 'pattern' tile that usually summons Merlin! There was a blue hue on Merlin's beard - perhaps reflecting the blue room, but below the threshold to make the chromakey show its background.
Took a long time deciding the answer to the first riddle (cat), but then got the 2nd riddle about the Flying Fox wrong! Therefore Merlin couldn't give them magic, but assured them that "Others have done so, but still survived"

Next, the room with the raven. They initially wanted to get out quickly in case it attacked, but then it started to talk. Gave them the password "Goodnight Jack".

Next room was the cave with the giant toad in the distance. A skull chased them into the next room, where goblins were doing something to Velda - but ran off at the sight of the dungeoneer! Treguard said the goblins had short sight, and mistook her for an armored warrior!
Velda gave them an Elvenstone (green gem) before they continued to the next part of the cave, where the goblins returned! Notice how the video of the goblins was frozen until the horn sounded!

In the Corridor of Catacombs, they called out "Who is it" to the figures in the corridor, and Treguard replied "It's goblins!". Then, goblins surrounded the dungeoneer, and they died here. "Say hello to the goblins, and ask them if they'd like the stone..." "Ooh, that IS nasty! I shouldn't look any more if I were you"
The skull death sequence was slightly squashed it seems, wrong aspect ratio.

Ad break occurred here, interrupting the dramatic chord.

"What a shame you didn't have that useful anti-goblin spell that Merlin gives out."
I think this was slightly unfair - they needed Merlin's spell to proceed, but Merlin clearly said that others have failed to get magic, but still survived!

Next, Martin's team from Yorkshire. I liked Treguard's comments about the helmet - not as uncomfortable as it looks, and offers some protection against banging your head!

Bit of a delay between Martin rolling the dice and the CGI dice rolling! Perhaps because of where he was standing, the camera couldn't see that the dice had been rolled ;) Took the middle door with the cup symbol above it.

Next, Martin emerged in the pool room - except this time he was standing in the water! A shark fin also appeared, with some unusual synth music. All he had to do was walk straight forward to get out, but the advisers kept telling him to turn left, right, left.
Notice how the camera cut to the advisers as we hear the 'splash' as he gets out of the water. Possibly to hide from us the fact that he wasn't dripping wet, or how his legs suddenly appeared from behind a blue shield ;)

In the kitchen, they were just about to take a pie which was on the table - but Motley came in and stopped him. Apparently the pie was for Grimwold the ogre, "keeps him sweet". Motley doesn't have any food for them, but offered to give them some magic in return for a joke!
"Why did the punk cross the road? Because he was stapled to the chicken!"
Earned the spell GHOST from Motley.

Scored 2/3 on Golgarach's riddles, but sounded like they got maximum information! Leave the gold, and a 'step' clue! Look closely and you'll see Martin's shadow in the middle of the door - it's clear he's standing next to the wall of the blue room!

"You're walking along a corridor, or the corridor's moving past you". When Treguard said to keep the head down, Martin lowered his head! Either he could hear Treguard, or one of the production team told him what to do.

Timed out in the haunted Room of Fire, just before they went across the flames.
Full life force sequence used under the credits this time!

Re:Series 3 - Episode 13

Posted: Tue Jul 27, 2004 7:06 pm
by Billy
Treguard mentioned that it was coming up to the end of the year- that may have been true when it was originally shown (Friday 1st December 1989) but certainly not now!
Julie becomes the first (and only) dungeoneer to meet a grissly end from the goblins. Giving them a present certainly didn't help matters- they wanted HER! An unfair death, in my humble opinion- all deaths that end due to getting one riddle wrong are unfair, I think.
Finally, some brilliant 'Jaws'-like music in the pool room- and Martin's punk joke wasn't half bad, either!

Re:Series 3 - Episode 13

Posted: Tue Jul 27, 2004 9:54 pm
by MoanaLiza
I missed this ep as my dad decided to watch the News on CNN right before 7.30 and wouldn't let me change the channel >:(. Anyway yes classic scene with Julie and the goblins and present offering. I was looking forward to seeing this episode with the start of one of my favourite quests so hopefully I'll get to watch tomorrows ep but who knows.

In response to what you say about the end of the year Billy, the rate this year is going it will be the end of the year soon. there has already been Christmas stuff advertised. Also we are just about into August and are five months away from Christmas. Also I wonder if Julie is planning her Christmas list yet? Lets hope there are no gems, nor goblins anywhere on her list.