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Re: Favourite dungeoneer deaths

Posted: Sun Aug 17, 2003 9:50 am
by Snowwiewolf
That would have been interesting to see..., but dont get any ideas Galgarach! I like my life force the way it is....

Re: Favourite dungeoneer deaths

Posted: Sun Aug 17, 2003 12:44 pm
by Galgarach
Oh dont worry  ;)
"Leave the gold, with it you ill not prosper"

Re: Favourite dungeoneer deaths

Posted: Sun Aug 17, 2003 1:04 pm
by Snowwiewolf
Leaves the gold and takes the dagger "Nice and pointy I wonder if I could defeat Mogdred with this? Hey life force low! Now wich one of you should I eat...."

GRe: Favourite dungeoneer deaths

Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2003 5:22 pm
by Skarkill
There is only 2 classics for me

One Sly Hands captuer of January with his "Magic Rope"

and my top favirote.

Richard Trying to bribe Skarkill with a goblin Horn

"GO ON Blow the Horn else I'll put the manicals on you now."

Richard blows the horn and the fimilear sound comes out.

"Hahahah Thats a Goblin Horn That you Horribale little thing and I am Skarkill Master Of The Goblins.

"I have you now"

Richard pleads that its a magic horn.

"Magic Horn. Oh No It's Not. I'm Going To Put My Irons On You."


"Ohhh Nasty. Oh too bad if only you had had the Gold you could have bribed him."

and then to add insult to injure as you see Skarkill and Richard sucked through a portal to Mt Fear oyu hear Skarkill mocking the advisors

"Hehehe LOVELY."

Actually I also enjoy the death of the first dugeoneer in sereis 8 (also called Richard)

Unable to open the trap door to level 2 Bhal-Shebah enters the chamber and say's

"Oh Good A Tasty Helping Of Dinner. Now The Only Question For Us Is. Cooked? Or Raw."

He blows a fierball at them


"Ohhh Nasty"

Re: Favourite dungeoneer deaths

Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2003 7:38 pm
by Cull
Copied from the "KM Top 10" thread...
(Gah! Double post! Bad Cull! X_x )

Well, it's not what I said I was going to do, but I thought I'd shove in my list of "Top 15 Dungeoneer Deaths". I tried cutting it down to 10, but felt I had a few extra I wanted in the list so chucked them in too. ;) I thought about doing this as an overall "means of death", but some individual instances stick out more than others for me.

15 - Skarkill (S5.2)
As I said in the S5 episode thread about this death, I did feel it was a bit of bad luck and misfortune on the team for "hurriedly grabbing" the wrong item. Plus they try so hard to plea their way out of Skarkill's hands, yet are pretty much doomed from the moment Skarkill reaches them. You just feel so sorry for those guys!

14 - Sylvester Hands (S6.4)
Okay, so the "death" itself isn't such a great one. But to see the skull from the original Life Force just when you thought it had gone forever really knocks this death up a notch!

13 - B&T (S4.4)
For giving us the whole "Sidestep to your left!" joke. ;D Plus it's so sudden and hilarious that you can't help but join Treguard in laughing... even the advisors seem to be holding themselves back from laughing!

12 - Cedric (S2.7)
Hooray! Cedric gets a kill! It's one of those deaths that you wonder about... "what would happen if Cedric got his way with a dungeoneer?", and here it is - Quarterstaff practice where only Cedric gets a staff.

11 - Dividing Rod Room (S2.8)
Maybe not a great one to a lot of people, but it's one that's stuck with me in memory since the first time I saw it. It's one that gave me a real sense of "Well, let's see them get out of this mess then!"

10 - Life Force Expire (S2.12)
Another of those deaths you want to see... the Life Force expiring. And that's precisely how this team died. True, it was because they didn't get Merlin's magic (probably a spell like ENERGY to restore the Life Force), but the fact that they died this way makes this death a special one to me.

9 - Thin Causeway (S3.6)
Another one that's stayed with me since I first saw it. The long, tense trip Ross takes along that causeway is real edge-of-your-seat stuff, and having watched them work their way through Level 2 throughout the episode makes you want them to make it. and then at the last moment they fall, and the way the LF skull pops out fo the bottom of the screen - what a finish!

8 - COB (S8.2)
It was hard to think of which COB death stood out the most, but I think we can all agree the "red paint" of the S8 team makes it stand out (in more ways than one!). I do feel it's a bit unfair, as the impression was made that "if you don't have the Insight spell/potion, you're scuppered", which is a load of rubbish considering how others have done okay without such spells, so it feels that however well they did here they would have died... sorry, I'm rabbiting on here. :) Either way, classic example of how the COB can finish of both good and bad quests.

7 - Morghana (S3.11)
It's not so much the means of death here, but more the urgency of the situation. I've watch this team time and time again (they're one of my favourites), and every time they're at this point I want one of the advisors to yell "Martin! Run forwards!!!! NOW!!!!". A sad end to a fine quest that IMHO deserved to win!

6 - Dreadnought (S6.2)
Say what you like about the S6-7 Life Force, but it's used to it's best here. The music really adds tension to the "that's it, we're boned" situation, and the way Dreadnought utters "WITH NO WORD... YOU HAVE REACHED JOURNEY'S END..." sends a chill down your spine, and another as the Skeleton LF sequence appears and crumbles before your eyes...

5 - Merlin's Room (S3.9)
You want them to make it. You really do. And he does make it. It's just that follow up step when he stands which makes you grab your head in your hands and shout "nooooooooooooooooo!" as he tumbles into the abyss...

4 - Dark Wellway (S1.1)
Yep, the first ever death had to have a place in here. The way the "dark" version of the Knightmare theme gets used here is brilliant stuff... another spine-tingler.

3 - Ariadne (S4.3)
Yep, another spine tingler. It's the crunching noise that does it. :)

2 - Ghost Sword (S3.2)
Sword hits, Chris, Life Force gets put on Fast Forward. You pretty much see his entire life get drained out of him! Top stuff!

1 - Medusa (S2.3)
And my top one is this one... the Medusa. The eerie sound effects in the background add to the sense that the team have lost, and you've gotta love the advisors getting turned to stone too! This is one of those deaths where I can't help but rewind and rewatch every time I watch it!

Re: Favourite dungeoneer deaths

Posted: Tue Nov 18, 2003 9:36 pm
by JamesA
I think every death has literally been covered, but I'll make a stand for the Play Your Cards Right deaths in Series 7, that ledge sliding away from a dungeoneer's feet followed by a great fall summed up a nice death in the dark denizens of Level 3 Goth.

Re: Favourite dungeoneer deaths

Posted: Tue Nov 18, 2003 11:23 pm
by Lord_Bob
Well KM has such variety that there are so many great deaths. Some such as Simon's left stepping and the red paint spillage stand out for being funny. One that made me laugh was the team who turned their dungeeoner "invisible" (with star symbol) and fell off the centre part of the cave in S3 because they 4got to say stop!!!! Made me fall of a chair laughing  ;D

Re: Favourite dungeoneer deaths

Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2003 12:16 am
by Dunshelm
Lets not forget the one where they guide the little 'star' off the cliff.

Re: Favourite dungeoneer deaths

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2003 3:11 pm
by Fidjit
Favourite dungeoneer deaths

Charming  ;D

Posted by: Dunshelm Posted on: 18.11.2003 at 22:16:18
Lets not forget the one where they guide the little 'star' off the cliff.  
That was the same as what Lord_Bob said wannit?  ;D

My favourite death was James and crew (Series 3 Team 5) They kept sidestepping to the left when there was clearly no where to stand... That was pretty pathetic don't you...

Re: Favourite dungeoneer deaths

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2003 3:58 pm
by FrightKnight
Of course, they weren't alone in that... :-X

Re: Favourite dungeoneer deaths

Posted: Sat Nov 22, 2003 1:10 am
by SrWilson3S
Hmm lemme see .. in no order...

COB -S8 team 2

Causeway s6 team 6 - how could you not love how victory was snatched away like that.

Skarkill S5 team 2  - Magic horn LOL

Ariadne - s4 team 3

s5 team 7 - eaten by blocker

s3 team 10 - hello to the goblins

s8 team 1 - soooooooo deserving to be burned by a dragon.

and #1 BLOCK AND TACKLE   S4 team 4!!!!!! oh you know why.

Re: Favourite dungeoneer deaths

Posted: Sun Nov 23, 2003 7:13 pm
by JamesA
Favourite dungeoneer deaths of each series:

Series 1 Team 3 = Lights out Game over!!!!
Series 2 Team 3 = Stoned to death by the Medusa!!!!
Series 3 Team 10 = already explained
Series 4 Team 4 = ditto
Series 5 Team 8 = no chance in the CofB
Series 6 Team 3 = advisor says "We're dead Alan!" afterwards
Series 7 Team 1 = I've already explained myself!
Series 8 Team 4 = BLAM! fireball from nowhere

Re: Favourite dungeoneer deaths

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2003 12:52 pm
by Billy_Lennon
I Have to say that Team 7 Series 5 team Death by the Blocker was o.k. but are they stupid using the couler code.

But the Team 10 Series 3 was Good Surrounded by Goblin .they are Goblin Fodder.

Re: Favourite dungeoneer deaths

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2003 1:07 pm
by Fidjit
Team 7 Series 3 eh? They needed me if they needed the final password...

But they didn't all because they didn't take my wand, but a feather instead...

Re: Favourite dungeoneer deaths

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2003 11:04 pm
by JamesA
You've gone back two series Motley - that team needed a crayon not a password!  ;D