Interactive Knightmare RPG - Season 1, Session 3

Session 3 - 30.10.99

Treguard is the host

Michael is the dungeoneer

Forester is a team member

The start of a new quest


Treguard> Let us see, who is brave enough to path through the dungeon. Enter Strangers. Who Challenges my dungeon?

Michael> i do

Treguard> You alone?

Michael> no Forseter has joined me

Treguard> You both have some small previous experience of dungeoneering I hope?

Michael> yes

Treguard> Very Well Then

Treguard> Now let me explain the rules of the dungeon to you. You have a knapsack with which you must put food into. You also have a life force. To feed your life force, you must place any food in this knapsack, but place only food there, for any other objects will also be consumed. When you put food into your knapsack, your life force will go to what is known as condition green. If you tread badly on the path you will lose one grade of li

Treguard> Also, I Treguard will be your guide. I will describe objects and settings to you and even talk you through conversations with any people you may meet, friend or foe unfortunately. Any movement you want to make must be done through me.

Treguard> REMEMBER THAT I CAN DESCRIBE OBJECTS TO YOU IF YOU WISH, but I am not allowed to tell you what to do or pick up. In this realm lie four of the classic quest objects. Decide now which will be the object of your quest : The cup that heals which some call the chalice, the the sword of freedom, the crown in glory or the shield in justice.

Michael> crown

Treguard> Okay, off you go. Oh I'm sorry I didn't ask you if you had any last requests, but you're not going to turn back now are you?

Michael> no

Treguard> Very well, turn then, face the door and take a step forwards


Treguard> You enter a dark room made out of stone, which has evidently rotted away over the years. Ahead of you is an exit, and next to the exit is a large bare patch of wall which for some reason doesn't look as old as the rest of the room. In front of you on the floor though are some objects.

Michael> describe objects

Treguard> The scroll says

Treguard> "Nic Nac Paddy Whack says you should migraine to another country."

Treguard> There are a: Scroll, Orange, Bone, Bottle with the label aspirin, cross bolt

Michael> describe bottle

Treguard> The bottle contains white tablets and has the label aspirin on it

Forester> Michael: Any ideas what the scroll could mean?

Michael> no yo?

Michael> sorry you

Forester> sorry

Treguard> This is a nursery rhyme scroll

Michael> shall we take the cross bolt and the bone?

Treguard> with two clues about the objects

Forester> Treguard: Can you confirm that the scroll says migraine?

Treguard> Yep. As in headache (not the other one)

Treguard> The scroll is in two parts

Forester> Michael: We need the orange

Forester> For food

Forester> I think we should take the bottle as well since the scroll indicates that

Michael> ok and the aspirin?

Michael> yeah ok

Forester> I don't know what we should take as the 2nd object but I suspect the bone

Michael> yeah

Michael> agreed?

Forester> Yes

Michael> we'll take the orange and the bone

Treguard> The last part of the scroll could be a clue

Treguard> The cross bolt is that which is fired from a cross bow. It is broken anway

Michael> ok

Treguard> Think back to what Forester said

Michael> pick up aspirin

Treguard> OK. You pick up the aspirin

Treguard> You now have the bottle and the bone

Treguard> You exit the room, and walk down a blue dwarf tunnel. As you progress down the tunnel, you see bats fly past you. One nearly catches your ear, but you swing to the side just in time. You then exit through a portal.

Treguard> You enter a Tudor style room with a few windows to the left. On your right are a hob and a woman cooking some soup at it. She turns and starts talking.

Treguard> "Oi! You mustn't come in here! If his lordship spots you, he'll 'ave your head off. What is it you're doing here anyway?"

Michael> push newer looking wall

Michael> I'm on a quest

Treguard> A quest. A quest!!! A quest for what?

Michael> a crown

Treguard> Oh, well mi lordship. Are you a king?

Michael> yeah

Treguard> Oh. Royalty. Finally. It's nice to have some

Michael> who are you?

Treguard> I'm Betty.

Treguard> Betty the cook

Treguard> I run this house

Treguard> for his lordship

Michael> nice to meet you

Treguard> Listen there's someone I'd like you to meet

Michael> who?

Treguard> Rocky, mi dog

Treguard> Suddenly, a dog walks in front of you and blocks your path.

Treguard> That's good old Rocky that is, I tell you, that dog is so strong, I'm sure he'll become a boxer one of these days! He won't barge though in a month of Sundays, sorry, but you're just going to have to go the way you came in.

Forester> Michael: I think the bone will help here :)

Michael> give the dog the bone

Treguard> You give the dog the bone, and it scurries off with it into a corner.

Michael> go to exit

Treguard> You exit the room. Again you proceed down a blue dwarf tunnel but this one is much older. You exit at the other end. You emerge in another room with an exit and another bare wall in front of you

Michael> is there anything in the room?

Forester> Anything suspicious looking?

Treguard> Not really

Michael> go to exit

Treguard> A face in the wall appears and starts talking to you.

Treguard> "Tell the truth, and tell it you will if you wish to proceed. To see I think that you should be able to pass I will ask you three questions, answer one question or no questions, and you will die. Answer two or three questions fully, and I may let you live, I might even give you some information on your quest. You must agree. Ready?"

Michael> yes

Treguard> "Retreating from Moscow was done by someone. But who retreated from Moscow in 1812?"

Forester> Yes

Forester> Michael: I've no idea

Michael> do you know?

Michael> great!

Michael> pass

Treguard> Napoleon

Treguard> "Changing colours and changing moods. But what creature changes it colour according to it's surroundings?"

Michael> a chameleon

Treguard> Truth Accepted

Treguard> "A famine of potatoes occurred between 1830 and 1910, but which country did this famine occur in?"

Forester> Michael: Ireland I think

Michael> ok

Treguard> Truth Accepted

Treguard> "Very well, you may pass. Your quest is a long one, be careful along the way. But may I advise you that along the path, you take the path of United Kingdom primary colours (not the US ones), for if you don't, then you will take a fatal fall into the chasm of eternal pain!

Michael> go to exit

Treguard> You go through the exit and appear in a large room with rows of hexagons. The rows increase and decrease in size as they go along. You walk up to the first row

Treguard> Green, Red

Michael> red

Treguard> Blue, Purple, Orange

Michael> blue

Treguard> Orange, Purple, Red, Green

Michael> red

Treguard> Yellow, Orange, Green,

Forester> Micheal: Er I'm stuck

Michael> mee too

Forester> Treguard could you repeat last selection

Michael> its not orange

Treguard> Yellow, Orange, Green,

Forester> Why not orange?

Treguard> Orange is not a primary colour

Michael> treguard2 told me

Michael> hahahaha

Forester> I got it

Treguard> Remember the primary colours are colours which cannot be made with any other colours

Michael> right

Forester> Yes thank you thats what I just got

Treguard> Can Yellow be made with any colours?

Forester> I think its green

Forester> Agree?

Michael> yeah me too

Michael> actually yellow

Forester> Hmm Blue Yellow make green

Forester> So maybe Yellow

Forester> Green

Forester> Its got to be green

Treguard> Green, Blue

Forester> phew

Treguard> (yellow was correct)

Treguard> Green, Blue

Forester> Blue

Treguard> "You exit at the other side of the room. You emerge in another room with four exits in it. One on the right, two in front of you, and one on the left. To the right is a man with his head in his hands. He talks to you."

Treguard> "Oh hello there young person. I am in need of help. I have this infernal headache you see, and I can't get rid of it. If you have anything for it I would be most grateful."

Michael> give man aspirin

Treguard> "Why thank you young person. They will do nicely." The man quickly uncaps the bottle and swallows all of the pills at once, nearly choking in the process.

Treguard> "Yes, that will do quite nicely. Don't worry, I'm as strong as an Ox, taking the lot shouldn't have any side effects on me, although. Well, in return for your help, I will tell you which exit to take, for the rule "Take the right hand path" does not actually apply here. You will see two exits ahead of you and one on the left and right, yes? Well ignore that and… Forget that; take the door marked "This Way". Tara.

Michael> take that path

Treguard> "You take the exit marked "this way"

Treguard> "You take that exit, and appear in a room with a lever next to you and a cylinder in front of you. At present, the cylinder is turning round revealing different rooms to you. It appears that you must pull the lever when you see the room that you want to take. But choose wisely. The choices are as follows. Cliff ledge, Bomb Room, Dark Stone room, Troll Pen

Treguard> Be careful here team

Treguard> Think, but use caution

Treguard> perhaps the best path is indeed the safest

Treguard> but it's up to you team

Michael> dark stone sounds the safest but it could be a trick

Forester> I think Dark Stone sounds safest as well

Michael> shall we take that?

Forester> k

Michael> pull lever when dark stone room is there

Forester> Stop the lever on Dark Stone room

Michael> ok

Treguard> You pull the lever

Treguard> "You walk into a room with nothing in it except for a man. The man walks over to you."

Treguard> "I have been looking for someone intelligent enough to earn the right to enter Level 2. If you answer this question, then I will give you this Firestone. You will need to use to it to get passage to Level 2. Ready?"

Michael> yes

Treguard> "A man traveling to Wolfenden meets three ladies. The ladies have five dogs which were bought from two different pounds. Of those pounds, the eight workers had two husbands each. But how many people were traveling to Wolfenden?"

Michael> one the man

Treguard> Truth Accepted

Treguard> There is the firestone

Treguard> Do you have any information about this level

Treguard> that is useful to me?

Forester> Michael: What about the info on which path to take?

Michael> take the path marked this way

Treguard> Oh thanks. "Well, the exit is over there anyway. Use it."

Michael> go to exit

Treguard> "You exit and walk on to the back of a dragon."

Treguard> There is a seat

Michael> sit on seat

Treguard> Well, the cheek of it. I suppose one has to accept that these days

Forester> Sit down on the seat and request passage to level 2

Treguard> Level 2 hey?

Treguard> What about the fare?

Michael> yes

Forester> Firestone

Michael> give dragon firestone

Treguard> Oooh. Lovely. Well sit in the saddle and put the firestone in the saddle pouch provided

Treguard> Off we go

Treguard> The dragon takes a leap of faith and drops making enough speed to soar to level 2.


Treguard> "You land on a patch of grass in front of some ruins and see some objects in front of you.

Michael> describe objects

Treguard> There are a scroll, Bar of Gold, Bow, Hairpin, Comb, knife

Michael> read scroll

Treguard> The scroll says. Be a rich Archer. For if you don't, you will be cut up into pieces."

Michael> take bow, gold and knife

Treguard> Hmmm. You can only take two objects, not including the food of course

Treguard> But there isn't any

Michael> ok


Forester> Michael: Bow and gold ?

Michael> yeah

Forester> Take Bow and gold

Treguard> You do that

Treguard> you now have the bow and gold

Michael> go to exit

Treguard> You exit through the exit and emerge in a room with a stand. On the stand is an arrow, but next to it is a space where something must be placed. Suddenly a man comes into the room and looks at you. He says"

Treguard> "You there. You look like you have the object that fits the hole here. Someone stole a few months ago and didn't return it. If you do have it, then put it in. I will give you some information and will let you pass if you do so correctly. But if you don't, then to make myself happier, I will kill you."

Treguard> warning team

Michael> what shape is the space

Treguard> you can't see, but the shape appears to be long, from top to bottom, about 6 foot

Forester> Ask the man what the object was

Treguard> Well, if I told you that, then it would be easy. COME ON. YOU'VE GO TO WORK FOR YOUR PAY!

Treguard> Look. At what was next to it

Treguard> An arrow

Michael> put bow in space?

Forester> I think its our only option

Michael> ok

Forester> Sounds reasonable anyway

Treguard> hurry team!

Forester> put bow in space

Treguard> "Nice one son. I'm glad you put the right object in. I didn't think you were going to for a second. But anyway here's some advice. In the next room, the exit is actually alive. It will only let you through it with some kind of bartery, possibly with gold or silver. Okay, you go off then."

Treguard> before i change my mind

Michael> go to exit

Treguard> Ripper Rark!

Treguard> "You enter a room with an exit in it.

Michael> go to exit

Treguard> Hey you.

Treguard> you can't exit through here!

Michael> why?

Treguard> This is MY exit. Why should I let you through?

Michael> I will give you some gold

Treguard> Now what would I do with Gold, hey? Us exits shouldn't have to put up with people walking through us all of the time

Michael> thats what your'e there for

Treguard> But, you're missing the point, us exits, we're superior to you humans!

Forester> its the meaning of life to let people walk through you

Treguard> WOW. Well what are you going to give me?

Treguard> some oil?

Treguard> some new hinges?

Treguard> a file to scrape of the rust?

Michael> Forester: what shall we do?

Forester> I think we need to convince it that it will be taken care of

Michael> ok

Michael> what do you want us to do?

Treguard> I tell you what. You give me something and I'll let you through

Treguard> I'm that king

Treguard> kind

Michael> what do you want?

Treguard> what do you have?

Michael> gold

Treguard> Hmmmm. What could I do with gold?

Michael> make a new hinge

Treguard> "Very Well." The exit opens leaving you a path into the next section of this level."

Michael> go to exit


Treguard> "You walk across the bridge to the other side. On the way you see a scroll."

Michael> read scroll

Treguard> "You read the scroll. It says:

Treguard> "LIFT"

Treguard> this looks like a spell scroll team

* Forester scribbles down the spell

Treguard> "You discard the scroll, and continue walking over the bridge towards the exit."

Treguard> "You emerge in a room. The room doesn't have any exits whatsoever and there is a hooded man asleep on the other side of the room."

Michael> go to man

Treguard> "You go over to the man & he starts talking to you."

Treguard> "Oh dear me, I forgot! It's just as well you woke me up? I'm going to be late!"

Michael> for what?

Treguard> "I was supposed to buy Olivia (that's my sister by the way) a present for her birthday. She wants a potion to charm her warts away. Unfortunately, I don't have enough money to buy my sister the potion.

Treguard> But, I do know whom you could buy one off. If you go to the Witches' house, found behind this castle, then they might give you the potion, but you'll need something of interest to them in order to get it. What that object is, I don't know. I can't go, as I'm too weak and tired. Will you please help?"

Treguard> what are you going to do team?

Michael> help him if he will show us the way out

Treguard> Well OK. "Good. To get out of this courtyard, you could either go out the way you came in, or find some other means. By the Way, in return for your help and generosity, I will help you find the means to get off this level. The exit off this level and into level 3 is usually accomplished by using the well, but it has recently disappeared. The reason for this is unknown to me. But in any case I can tell you how to get across the causeway.

Forester> Say yes

Treguard> But in any case I can tell you how to get across the causeway. Don't be EVEN, be ODD. Thank you."

Treguard> The man lies back down on the floor and falls asleep.

Forester> What visible exits are there?

Treguard> There are no exits. You must find some way of getting out of this courtyard. Be it through a wall or what

Forester> I think we need to use the lift spell what do you think?

Michael> yeah

Forester> Spell casting L-I-F-T

Treguard> <<<

Treguard> "You use the spell and are immediately lifted into the air. You then move up and over the wall in front of you and set down in a room. The room itself has an exit, several arched windows and a large table in front of you with some objects on it"

Michael> go to table

Treguard> You look on the table and see objects, there are:

Treguard> Scroll, Apple, Potion, Valuable necklace, Brass Key, Soap, Bar of Gold, Bag of Silver

Michael> read scroll

Treguard> "The scroll says:

Treguard> Make a clean getaway whilst wearing luxury goods"

Forester> Take the Apple

Michael> take soap and necklace as well

Treguard> You take the apple. Just as well, as on your life force clock, you were down to the eyes

Treguard> You take those objects

Forester> Michael: Soap and Necklace agree?

Michael> yes

Michael> go to exit

Treguard> "You exit the room. You enter another hexagonal puzzle room. In the room are five rows of hexagons, increasing and decreasing in number as you go along. From your position you can see number on the hexagons. You walk up to the first row.

Treguard> Now remember team, what info you have been given, be careful!

Treguard> 3 and 2

Michael> 3

Treguard> 2, 5 and 4"

Michael> 5

Treguard> 1, 2, 4 and 8"

Michael> 1

Treguard> 0, 2, and 9"

Michael> 9

Treguard> 6 and 7

Michael> 7

Treguard> "You get to the other side of the room and exit just with enough time to see the last hexagon plummet down behind you

Treguard> "You emerge in a clearing and see the castle behind you. In the clearing are a few trees and some shrubbery. Suddenly, a man with rags on comes towards you."

Treguard> "Uh,Uh, It's a dungeoneeva. Oooh, his master will be pleased. What are you up to then, and what's your name?"

Treguard> both of ya

Treguard> uh uh

* Forester sticks a nose peg on

Treguard> I don't smell that bad do I?

* Michael Michael

Treguard> please help!

Forester> Forester

Treguard> or i'll set Gripper and Rark on ya

Michael> Michael

Treguard> Well, my name, is Sylvester 'ands. You know like feet but at the other end of your body. Now, I know that we've just met, but I'm afraid the goblins are hungry and there aint any food left, so I gotta go and bring somethin' back. I'm going to give you a chance though, cause I'm such a lovely person. Ya see, I have a problem with bein clean. Do you 'ave anything which might be able to help me out?"

Forester> Offer him the soap

Michael> give Sylvester soap

Treguard> "Oh, that's great that is. Thanks. I think I'll let you go for helping me so much. Tara."

Treguard> He walks off.

Michael> go to exit

Treguard> "You go to the far side of the clearing and come to a river side. On the right is a river, wild in flow, and on your left is a hut."

Michael> go to hut

Treguard> "You enter the hut and see a person sat down by a fire. She notices you and…"

Treguard> "What is your purpose here human?"

Michael> can you help me cross the river?

Treguard> At this time of year the river is not crossable. What is it that a witch like myself can do for you?

Michael> we need to get to the other side

Treguard> Well, the exit over there should get you across

Treguard> But, I sense you want more?

Treguard> I could be mistaken

Forester> Michael: This is the witch we needed to see to help out the man I think

Michael> right

Treguard> No? Well bye

Michael> wait!

Forester> Ask the witch if she has a potion to cure warts

Michael> do you have a potion which cures warts?

Treguard> I do

Treguard> "And what will you give me in return for this potion? Do you have any witch amber?"

Forester> No but we do have a delightful necklace

Michael> no but i have a valuable necklace

Treguard> Let me see. Ah yes, I do believe, yes. That is witch amber

Michael> give witch necklace

Treguard> "Very well. Here is your potion. Good day to you, human."

Treguard> On the right side of the hut is an exit

Michael> go to exit

Treguard> "You exit the hut and walk down a path. At the end of the path you enter a small stone room which is mostly boarded up apart from the door. You enter. You enter a room with damp grey stone walls and a woman standing with her back to you in the far corner of the room."

Michael> go to woman

Treguard> "Oh hello, How are you? What can I do for you on this fine day. It's my birthday you know!"

Michael> really?

Treguard> yes

Treguard> I've been expecting my brother, but he hasn't turned up yet

Michael> we have a present from your brother

Treguard> Oh do you. let's see, come on, don't be shy

Michael> give her potion

Treguard> "Why Thank you. How can I ever repay you? Would you like information or would you like a spell?"

Michael> Forester: which?

Forester> I don't think it will matter

Michael> ok

Michael> spell

Treguard> "Okay, well, I have a spell called WELL, that might be useful to you. Or I have the spell FREEZE. But you must be quick though, because when you're at the end of Level 2, especially in this room, it's not always a good idea to stand around!"

Forester> Michael: I think the Well spell is the one we need

Michael> take WELL spell

Treguard> "There's your spell. Now I must be going now, as I should go and meet up with my brother. Farewell."

Treguard> "The woman exits the room, leaving you. The room doesn't have any other exits, and is the last room of this level."

Michael> are there any objects?

Treguard> No. Just an empty room with no exits

Michael> nothing in it?

Treguard> [Time Out!]

Treguard> Well. Time turns in the MOST annoying times

Michael> you're telling me!

Treguard> To see whether brave young Michael and Forester battle their way through the rest of the dungeon

Treguard> Next WEEK

Treguard> For when Time turns...

Treguard> THE Knightmare RETURNS............

Treguard> [Theme Tune]



[Continue to Session 4]

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