A scan of the cover and textual transcript of the Knightmare game for the Commodore 64.

Commodore 64

[Ricochet 1988]


Text from the inside cover:

I place you somewhere in time, in a land where strangers are not welcome. Search Damonia Castle for objects which may help free you from the clutches of the dark castle.

Your advisors are two oracles. One is good, and often gives correct clues. The bad oracle will do everything to throw the knight into danger, and death. By studying the contents of both oracles statements, valuable clues may be learned.

Your life force is represented by a candle at the edge of the page. It will decrease throughout the game.

Despite the above obvious differences, you could cast various spells which appeared in earlier series, such as Anvil and Casper (he was a key in the TV series, but is a spell in the game).

You also get a chance to fight in the dungeon.

(Thanks to Jake Ash for the scan and text transcript)

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