A review of, and walkthrough solution for, the Knightmare game on the Amstrad.

The Complete Solution

[By Nicholas Campbell]

Knightmare is an adventure game based on the children's TV series of the same name, where the adventurer wore a helmet which he/she could not see out of. This meant that three of his/her friends would guide the adventurer around the dungeons, and if they were successful, escape. Throughout the game, Treguard the dungeon master would also be watching and assisting.

This game is somewhat similar, although there are also two oracles who can give you subtle hints. A few notes:

  • Your energy is represented as a candle which burns away, and it cannot be replenished. If the candle burns out, then the game ends.
  • Throughout the game, you'll see torches on the walls. It's not worth getting them, though, because there is no use for them.
  • Rocks can be thrown at enemies, but the sword is much better. You won't really need to kill any enemies until you get the sword. If you want to throw rocks without running out, select "THROW ROCK" and press Fire, but do not press Return!
  • The only time you'll really need food is when you need to give some to the old man at the start of the game. Otherwise, you're wasting your time.
  • There are several rooms in the dungeon with ghosts who ask you three questions. You don't need to go to these rooms - they contain trapdoors which send you to another ghost who asks a different set of questions!
  • If you enter the same room a number of times, monsters will appear in that room, and you'll have to kill them each time unless you want them to take away your energy.
  • Don't re-enter the dungeon that you escaped from!

Finally, if you want to download the CPC version of Knightmare for use with CPC emulators, it is attached to this page.

OK, here's the solution.


You start the game in Dungeon V, with an old man as your cellmate. If you check your inventory, you'll also see that you have some water. Take the food and rock, and if you want to, the torch (although it has no use in this game). Give the food and water to the old man, and ask the old man. He will give you a magic spade. Open the door and go east, and dig the ground. You have now escaped from your cell!


Go south, south again, east, and through the door. Take the sword, kill the two soldiers and go south. The wall monster's questions are answered as follows: false, true, false. Take the gold, go upstairs and then go east, north, and then west. Take the food and the water and go west. The executioner's questions are answered as follows: Noophyexl, AT, V (I don't know why these are the answers, but anyway...). Take the gold, open the door and go north, and east through the open door. Here you will find the fat, but first you must confront another wall monster! Answer the questions as false, true, false, and take the fat and the gold.


Open the door, go out again and go north, and then go east four times until you reach the room with another wall monster in it. This time, you must identify the odd one out of five tiles. Try to mentally "rotate" the tiles so that they match the tile below:


One of the tiles will not fit, and will match this tile:


This tile is, of course, the odd one out, so walk over to it and select it. Open the door and go south into the Inner Sanctum. Take the potion and the scroll, and look at the scroll if you feel like it. Drink the potion and open the door quickly, as all the monsters take away your energy and you can't kill them! Go north and again select the tile which is the odd one out. Open the door, go west four times, go south, west and west again.


You should now be in the Maid's Bedroom. Give three pieces of gold to the maid and take her locket. Go east and spell Caspar. This will open the door to the south. Go south and enter the Scullery, where another "spot the odd one out" tile game awaits you. Three of the tiles will match the tile below:


But the odd one out matches this tile:


Walk over to this tile and select it. Take the spade and go all the way back to the dungeon passages. The quickest way is north, east, north, east three times, south, west, south, south, west, downstairs, north, north. This route also avoids meeting the executioner again, but you can go this way if you want to.


Dig the ground using the spade. You should find some pitch. If you don't, go to another dungeon and try again. Take the pitch and go to King Mevlut - south, south, upstairs, east, north, north, east, north, and west five times. If you want, you can ask King Mevlut about the dragon, and if you've been collecting gold, you can give some of it to him and make him feel rich (it won't be of any use, though!). Go north, open the trapdoor and fall into it.


After you've gone down the trapdoor, go west and spell anvil. This kills the knights and temporarily prevents the dragon from firing at you. Now throw the fat, the pitch and the locket at the dragon, and CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed Knightmare!


By the way, this is the screen that you'll see when you've completed Knightmare. Yeah, sorry to spoil the suspense for you. :-)

Download this file ([The Amstrad CPC Knightmare file, to be played on an emulator]32 kB

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