A guide to using an emulator to play the demo of the Amiga computer game.

Amiga Demo

[Mindscape 1992]

Using an emulator, it is possible to play the demo version of this Knightmare game that was featured on the February 1992 edition of 'Amiga Format'. This is done by combining the emulator with an .adf file of the demo, and a .rom file.

You will first need to get hold of a 'Kickstart 1.3 ROM' file (kick13.rom) NOT 3.1 or 2.0 since Knightmare will not run on these versions. This file contains the Amiga operating system info that is required for your PC to run Amiga software. Without this, the game will not function.

This file is not available on this site as it would infringe copyright. If you have an Amiga system, it is possible to create this file yourself (you will need to read the help files of the emulator software to find out how).

Generally, for the best performance you need a fast PC. I cannot be responsible if this demo crashes on your computer, or any other errors associated with it. I am not aware of emulators for Mac users, but if anyone can give me any more info, then it will be published here.

Thanks to Lawrence Eldridge for this information


What to do (once you have got the kick13.rom file)

Firstly, you will need to download and install the WinUAE emulator program.

Secondly, you will need to download the knightdemo.adf game file attached to this page.

Unzip this file using WinZip.

Run the WinUAE.exe file and you should get a small windows screen pop up with 11 different tabs towards the top of the window with different headings.

First, go to the "RAM" tab and make sure that Chip: is set to 1MB with Slow: set to 1MB as well. Next, move onto the "ROM" tab and make sure that you point the Kick13.rom file. Go to the next tab which should be "CPU" tab and make sure that CPU type is 68000 with "Slow but more compatible" selected, lastly, make sure that "Adjustable between CPU and chipset" is set to 8 (in the middle).

Then go to the "Display" tab and make sure that the following is set:

  • Line Mode: Scanline selected
  • Settings: Full-Screen selected and Full-Screen RTG if available
  • Centering: Horizontal and Vertical selected
  • Amiga Screen Resolution: ???x??? (select your own res.), 32-bit (make sure its 32-bit) , 60Hz
  • Chipset: Full ECS (or AGA if it works)

You should move into a typical Amiga screen which will eventually load up a blue menu screen.

Right, now the most important part! Goto the "Floppies" section and and in the DFO: area click on "...", it should take you into a dialogue box where you can point to the knightdemo.adf (which you have downloaded) and click on Open.

Go into the "Sound" tab and ensure that Sound emulation is set to "Emulated, 100% accurate" with Frequency set to 22050 Hz and Sample Type set to 8 bit. Lastly, set the Sound Output Method to WaveOut Looping or WaveOut DblBuff (which is the safest mode) and if you want select Stereo (which will probably slow down the computer).

Now, save all that stuff into the Configuration tab so you wont lose any changes and click on OK!

From this, select the Knightmare Demo for the demo to load.

There is another DOS-based emulator called 'Fellow', which my improve the performance of the game if you are using a slow PC. This can also be downloaded from the internet (you will need to search for it).

Download this file ( Demo[The Mindscape Knightmare demo file, to be played on an Amiga emulator]635 kB

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