Only team 6 was successful in completing the dungeon in series 8 of Knightmare.

Team 6: Dunstan Roberts, Alan Boyd, Oliver Hilton and Alex Roberts from St. Albans

Team 6 completed their quest for the crown and took 35 minutes.


Episode 10: Friday 11th November 1994

4.40pm, CITV : The Last Episode

Continued from Teams page.

They used the wand to point the key to release the door... then exited quickly as fireballs started to fire down, destroying the floor blocks in its path.

They entered the quest object room, with the crown clearly in view and a rather large pit in the middle. The trapped Hordriss was there and warned Dunstan to stop walking any further.


Shortly after, Lord Fear appears rather happy thinking that he can destroy Dunstan by throwing fireballs at him! Only thing is that the team still had the Paladin bottle. Dunstan opened it and was turned into a warrior!


Undeterred (thinking it was a Warriorspell), Lord Fear started firing away, but each fireball was just absorbed by the shield:


Lord Fear: "That's not a Warrior spell is it? It's a Palladin spell."


Lord Fear: "Dunstan, you are a sneaky little beast. Dunstan, I AM LORD FEAR! I'M... OUT OF HERE! LISSARD!!!" [Hordriss bellows]

Hordriss: "Now, you must release me as your last task. DON'T touch the body cage. Use your wand."


Dunstan releases Hordriss, and they retrieve the object of their quest. The Crown.


Goblin horns sound, along with a dragon siren. Hordriss immediately leads Dunstan to the side chamber. They make their escape from Marblehead together through a sewer pipe. A Skeletron appears behind them as they climbed on a platform and started moving towards home.

Will they get the crown back safely? Everyone gets very excited...


Majida: "Hordriss has Dunstan, and now we have..."

Treguard: "Some champions at last! And take care of that crown, Majida. That's one thing Lord Fear won't be keeping!"


Treguard asks Hordriss to provide the symbols of championship.

Hordriss: "REVELANTI!"


Hordriss: "There, your trophies... and now your portraits will hang in our hall of fame, where precious few appear."

Majida: "We salute you."

Hordriss leads them away...


Treguard: "We can begin a quest, but the big question is - can we finish one?"

Episode 10 continued briefly with a new team (Team 7). See Teams and End of Season pages.


Ever wondered what the FrightKnight trophy looks like up close? Well, now you can thanks to this quest's team leader Alan Boyd, who provided a couple of photos:


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