Series 8 consisted of a total of 7 teams across 10 episodes.

Team 1: Richard, Angela, Rebecca and Rowena from Bracknell


Team 1's quest was for the crown and lasted 14 minutes.

Level 1

Quest begins in a long cave corridor. Snap dragons appear from the walls. Brother Strange appears: "I beg no proverbs from you in this dire place... Be warned. Little of level 1 remains." He asks Richard if they have any news for him. They tell him about the Snap dragons, and they earn a spy glass.

Used the Spyglass and saw Lord Fear's new environment pad for the first time.

Into a clue room, where a scroll says 'Green for a girl, black for a boy'. On the table is a green dagger, a key, gold and pigeon droppings. They ponder for a while on what to take - Treguard asks them to consider what the scroll says.


Eventually (after what sounded like a sound edit) they take the key and pigeon droppings.

They hear a red dragon approach so hurry out.


Into the 'Fireball Alley' where they dodged the fireballs in a sequence.

Then into a dark stone room with a statue of Motley and a chest. Treguard mentions that it is a 'stone tribute to the famous Motley' who hasn't been seen since Series 6.

Treguard: "He used to call himself the world greatest entertainer, but that was before the opposition nabbed him." Richard investigates the chest - Stilletta appears rather angrily and draws out a knife.

Stiletta: "Out of there cavern scum! ... We'll have to settle things in combat." They explain that they are not thieving and they were just looking. She explains she has lost her green knife. They say that they know where it is, but don't have it themselves. They offer to tell her where to find it in return for information: Stiletta: "I don't actually want to know where it is... I want it, I need it you see."

She explains that the code of the dungeon says that as they haven't taken anything from here or given her anything... she doesn't owe them anything. So onto Motley - they decide to put the pigeon droppings on Motley to release him. They explained to him that he has been trapped/frozen for a long time and that Lord Fear is now equipped with fireballs and Snap dragons. Motley agrees to help them to level 2.

They enter a trapdoor room with a combination puzzle, but Motley says they need combination which they could have got from Stiletta (if they had returned the green knife to her). Motley tries to help but to no avail.

The sound of red dragon is heard and Motley is scared off and disappears...


Bhal-Shebah: "Oh good. A tasty helping of dinner. Now the only question to ask is... cooked or raw?"


Treguard: "Oooh... nasty"


In February 2000, dungeoneer Richard signed the Guestbook:

Lucky to log in here actually. I was the first contestant for series 8... It was great, iw asn't supposed to be the Dungeoneer, but due to production decisions I ended up donning the helmet and crashing into portculis' and walls - It was great fun, and I've have loved to have gone back now that I'm an Actor to play it from the other side as one of the characters. Oh well, life goes on!

Richard has also written for this site:

The Audition & Filming


Team 2: Daniel, Benjamin, Gideon and Justin from London


Team 2's quest was for the sword and lasted 49 minutes.

Level 1

Snapped by a dragon in the corridor.


Into the clue room with a rather unusual scroll. They took the horn and the necklace.

Through the spy glass they see Lord Fear and Lissard playing a board game of Dungeon Monopoly and then Sylvester Hands appears on the big screen. Lord Fear instructs Sly to go and get Stiletta.

Next, the Fireball Chamber. "Walk forwards cautiously."


Into a room with Stiletta practicing shooting - 'target practice'.

They tell her that Sylvester Hands is after her to try and retrieve an object that she has stolen from Lord Fear.

They do deal... they trade the necklace for a ring which destroys Skeletrons.

So then Sylvester Hands strolls in but Stiletta shoots him!


A Skeletron guarding Trapdoor so they point ring at it to kill it.

They step on the trapdoor, but Daniel appears to be too light so they try jumping, but then Brother Strange appears so they ask for assistance. They try offering the horn... but he wants a proverb to add to his collection!

Daniel: "Too many cooks spoil the broth"

Brother Strange: "No, I've got that one, Daniel!"

Daniel: "Many hands make light work"

Brother Strange: [repeats it] "A marvellous Proverb"

Brother Strange opens the trapdoor and gives them a FLOAT spell.

Brother Strange: "Use it before you use the trapdoor, or you'll drop like a stone."

Level 2

For the first time this series we find out that the level 3 of the previous series (Goth) has now moved to level 2.


Treguard: "Lord Fear never played by the rules but now its got worse, the old levels have gone and level 3 becomes level 2. Beneath it lies the Great Mire, a great underwater cavern. Within the Great Mire lies his lair and also the object of your quest."

Snapper-Jack appears.

Treguard: "Caution team... this is Snapper-Jack - a fool-taker. If he can prove you are a fool he will take you!"

Well, they got two riddles correct which got them through okay.

Into the level 2 clue room, used the spy glass and saw Lord Fear talking to Maldame. They learned about the two towers in level 3 - Linghorm and Marblehead. Also overheard a word key - 'Phoenix'. Took the 'Fearsome' potion after a lots of deliberation and panic as the sound of a Skeletron approached.


Into the Sewers of Goth and a meeting with Sylvester. He goes off to search for a cat, but since he was coming back at any moment they were in danger.

Daniel suggests they drink the potion. He does that and turns into a Lord Fear!

Sly comes back, gets alarmed, and takes him on a boat ride across the sewer!

Into the moving block obstacle (the one from Series 7). Miremen appear.

Treguard: "They're slow on land but deadly if they catch you."


Into another room where they pick up food but Raptor appears with Miremen! Daniel points a bone at him and makes him laugh uncontrollably until he staggers off.


Next a room with an image of Maldame on wall so they decide to use Reach wand to make her speak. She asks Daniel to make her an offer. They tell her that they have the key word to get in to Linghorm Castle. She agrees to take the word and opens the door for them.


Onwards to the new Level 3.

Level 3

They must now be in Linghorm. A Skeletron guards the corridor.

Into the clue room with a scroll - "The tower is Linghorm, the Sword lies in Marblehead". They take the key and a Sight potion. Miremen approach and fireballs shoot from left to right.

Into a castle entrance where Honesty Bartram greets them.

They ask for help to get into the tower of Marblehead. They receive a SHADE spell in exchange for the Sight potion. They are told that to get to Marblehead they'll need to get on the 'Golden Galleon' ship.

Onto the ship, with some Miremen around so Daniel spellcasts SHADE and becomes invisible so he can walk past without being noticed by them.

Picked up a spy glass and found out that Lissard has 'set the mighty Bhal-Shebah to guard the quest object'. They overhear the key word to Marblehead just before being fireballed.

Found Maldame in a open area and received a gem and her calling name in return for the Marblehead word key 'Confusion' (which they got from the spy glass). The calling spell was SAVANT. She warns that they should not call her again.

Maldame: "It will call any mage or sorcerer to you up to and including the fourth level of magic."


So into the Great Fortress of Marblehead where they hold up the green gem to open doors (twice).


And they end up to the new entrance of the Corridor of Blades! Treguard says what they need is a Sight potion or spell of seeing. But they only have a red key which they don't appear to need. They go into the slicer...


Hmm... someone's spilt the red paint.

Treguard: "Oooh, nasty"


Issue 5 (p.16) of 'The Eye Shield' (December 1996) featured an interview with Tim Child, Creator and Producer of Knightmare. One of the questions he was asked was:

Q: Do you have one outstanding memory of Knightmare?

Tim: Probably the team of Jewish boys in the last series, who you may remember all came wearing their skull caps. They were all eleven, and became almost uncontrollably excited about their adventure! They became totally absorbed in what they were doing, and we had to think about toning the adventure down, just to calm them somehow!

Worse still, was that Children's TV does not allow swearing or blaspheming in any show, so we had a lot of editing to do! We must have cut out about 200 "Oh God's" (It was more like 2 dozen actually).


In March 2001, Justin Kett, one of the advisors in this team signed the Guestbook. Here is what he wrote:

WOW! Was it really 7 years ago that I appeared on Knightmare?!!!

Knightmare was the best experience of my life. All the guys still talk about it, and every time I mention it in public, someone remembers us being on it.

Believe it or not, we are all still bitter about the way we were killed - they really hated us by the end, and all because of Gideon's cockiness!! We do remember that we were only 12 years old, and naive with it.

Gideon does know his left from right now - he had to learn for Cambridge to let him in!

Love to you all,

Justin Kett


In July 2005, Justin Kett signed the Guestbook again!:

I was a member of the second team in the last series - the Jewish boys! I signed this book a few years back, and I'm writing again now because I still find it so funny how people still come up to me quite randomly and ask me if it was really me on it - all thanks to Challenge TV!!

It's just so weird and shows how popular Knightmare really was. It would be fantastic if it was released onto DVD. Sadly I have lost my copy of the video recording of when I was on it - and I really want to watch it again!! Keep this website going - no doubt I'll sign it again in another few years! Anyone know what Hugo Myatt is doing nowadays?!


The Quest Interview with Series 8 - Team 2:

Issue 4-1, Page 4


Team 3: Nathan, Karen, Stephen and Catherine from Southampton


Team 3's quest was for the cup and lasted 41 minutes.

Level 1

Met Stiletta in the cave corridor who warns them about Honesty Bartram.

Into level 1 clue room where a scroll says 'Look out for fireballs'. Then as if by magic a fireball appears shooting towards them! They use the spy glass to find Lord Fear talking to Honesty Bartram, warning him not to give them a Risky potion. They take the Invisibility potion and gold.

Next, Fireball Alley. Not a problem.


The next room's exit door was blocked by a puzzle. As it happens, Bartram is there with with his trolley. They ask for a Risky potion, but Bartram does not want to give it away, even though they had gold.

He offers a TRAPDOOR charm, but eventually he is persuaded by the team as long as they don't tell Lord Fear!. So they get the Risky potion and then used the Reach wand to unlock the door puzzle, in numerical order.

Next, into the Trapdoor room, where a Skeletron guards. They use the Invisibility potion to help Nathan pass by a Skeletron without being harmed. Then used the Risky potion to open up the trapdoor and...

Level 2

... into Goth where Snapper-Jack appears to ask three riddles. They succeed.

Next, the level 2 clue room where on spying they find that Lord Fear has disguised a Skeletron as Sidriss!, with the aim of destroying Hordriss (her father). Sounds of a troll approaching so they dash off.

And into the 'Play Your Cards Right' puzzle (with new incidental music).

Treguard: "The only advice I can give you is to keep a record of all your judgments."

Majida hints that they need something to help them see, so they use a Sight potion. A great attempt.

Into a room with a large black cat. It is actually Hordriss is disguise. Nathan tries talking to him but he is not really interested until they mention the knews about Sidriss being turned into a Skeletron.


Hordriss turns back into himself and goes with them to the next room where the team point out Sidriss as she appears to be holding a dagger. Hordriss uses some magic and a Skeletron is revealed, so he destroys it! As a reward, the team is awarded the opening of the trapdoor in the same room to level 3.

Level 3

Miremen guarding the entrance to Linghorn.

Met Maldame outside the castle entrance. They agree to to a deal with her - they will find a golden globe and place it down as soon as it starts glowing.

Onto the Golden Galleon ship and yet more Miremen.


They get below the deck to a set of barrels (clue area) to find and use a spyglass. They see Lord Fear talking to the red dragon (Bhal-Shebah), saying that he is relieving it of its duties because it was being insulting to him.

They pick up the amber globe as Maldame had requested.

Next out to the mountainous open area outside Lord Fear's castle, where Honesty Bartram appears again. He was really interested in the amber globe Nathan was holding, but they say he cannot have it! Bartram then offers them a talking book which will answer any question they wished. They would not trade the globe for it, but eventually persuaded him to do the deal with the gold instead.

Bartram: "Its good dealing with you again... Don't tell your dad!"

Next into a green room where the globe begins to turn amber so they leave it on the floor as Maldame said they should.


In the Fireball Chamber. A fireball shoots down and produces a hole to the left of the dungeoneer:


Advisor: "One side step to your left!"

Ooops! [Though notice that the food on the tile in front disappeared.]

Treguard: "Some extra magic would have helped you with this very difficult puzzle team. You could have got that magic from Maldame, but you didn't, did you?"


They go home.


In August 2002, Karen (one of the advisors in this team) signed the guestbook:

Hurrah, a website that means my friends can see me as a scary looking 12 year old! I was in team 3 of series 8! See I was skinny once! Not that you can tell underneath that floaty shirt thing (I was 12 ok!)! Filming knightmare was great fun (except for the hideous coach journey, damn train strikes), the stories that came from our real life adventure still keep us laughing!


In December 2000, Nathan Coppen (the dungeoneer in this team) submitted an entry to the Bring Back Knightmare Petition:

Why do you want Knightmare back?

Because I was on the programme Series 8 Team 3. As a child it was the most entertaining and graphically impressive programme on. There's nothing I would like to see more than another series!!!

In June 2007, Cat (Catherine, another of this team's advisors) signed the Guestbook too:

I was in Team 3 Series 8 - It was an amazing experience and really good fun to see how the show was made!


The Quest Interview with Series 8 - Team 3:

Issue 4-1, Page 4

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