Series 7 consisted of a total of 7 teams across 15 episodes.

Team 1: Simon, David, Matthew and Nicholas from Cornwall


Team 1's quest was for the cup and lasted 53 minutes.

Level 1

First to use the new Helmet of Justice.

They ask Romahna where Smirkenorff is but she refuses to say and threatens to use Simon as a pin cushion. Treguard hints that Lord Fear is determined to kill Smirkenorff.


Met Rothberry and exchanged a potion for a spyglass.

On spying on Lord Fear, it is confirmed that he was sending a wall monster called 'Brollachan' to kill the dragon (Smirkenorff).

Met Fidjit on the castle entrance for help in using their key to open the door. Fidjit trades their key for a SIGHT spell.

On meeting Romahna again, they inform her of the opposition's intention to kill Smirkenorff, and she helps them by offering information on how to get to level 2.

Used SIGHT spell to give Simon vision in the dwarf tunnels and escape the goblins. They emerge on the back of Smirkenorff, and take flight across the 'Great Rift of Angar' towards Level 2.

Level 2

Met Grimaldine and had to be very polite. They agree to obtain some information for him about the opposition in exchange for a charm.

Found Sidriss trapped in a bottle!


They discover that they need to take her to Hordriss to get her released and earn a reward.

Met Marta in the inn tavern. They trade a spyglass for a green gem. There is momentary confusion as advisor Nicholas thinks Simon has given her the bottle. They deliberate over taking some bread but were worried about getting caught!

Spied and discovered that Lord Fear has created the Sewers of Goth.

Summoned Grimaldine and told him all that he had asked for. They earn the spell LOOK.


The Brollachan appears. Treguard warns that they shouldn't lie to him, although he is unlikely to know if the answers to the questions he asks are right or wrong.

Into a room with a tortoise which happens to be Hordriss. He reveals his true identity when they say they have Sidriss in a bottle.

Hordriss takes the bottle and reveals the decender in the rear wall. It goes down automatically into level 3.

Level 3

Grimaldine appears by the sewers of Goth and they eventually ask for help.

They get in boat ride in return for payment of a green gem.

Given RETURN spell.

First to use the 'Play Your Cards Right' puzzle. Tried calling out the card but nothing happened. Treguard hints that they should touch the cards instead.


Touched the wrong card:


Treguard: "Boys, you were looking for something devious, when all you had to do was follow suit."


In August 2001, Simon Herd, the dungeoneer in this team signed the Guestbook. Here is what he wrote:

What is your name? Simon Herd

How did you find this website? Through Excite

Where are you from? Surbiton, London

I was in team one of series 7; the dude with the helmet on.

I was twelve at the time and I have many really fantastic memories of the filming process and all the actors etc etc. I think it would be great if Knightmare were to make a come back, but I think that the whole RPG fantasy craze has all but died out (as far as the mainstream goes anyway, obviously there are still loads of dedicated gamesters out there.) My team managed to reach the penultimate room where we messed up a fairly simple 'cards on the wall' puzzle, the ledge that I was standing on came out from under my feet and I fell to my doom!

Anyway, nice site, cheers...


In March 2003, Nicholas Herd, one of the advisors in this team signed the Guestbook. Here is what he wrote:

What is your name? Nicholas Herd

How did you find this website? Searched Google

Where are you from? Launceston, Cornwall

It's been a long time since I appeared on the show and my memories are limited but Knightmare was the source of much of my childhood inspiration and it was a dream come true for me to make it onto the programme. I just want to thank all of those involved with making Knightmare a reality and even though the show is over, the legend will live on forever. One of my strongest memories was of Tim Child's daughter who was a runner - a beautiful girl with a wonderful personality and also of playing worms on a pc whilst waiting between rooms. Probably boring information but there was a long wait between filming each room when I guess the actors were preparing for every eventuality. it actually took about 4 or 5 days to record our whole adventure!

Thanks again,

take care,



TES Quest Review: Issue 9, Page 14


Team 2: Nicola, Lisa, Diane and Vicki from Oldham


Team 2's quest was for the sword and lasted 33 minutes.

Level 1

This team were the only one this season to get to choose their quest!

They encounter Sylvester Hands accosting Romahna. He didn't recognise the dungeoneer because of the new helmet!

Gave Sly some gold to save Romahna from being robbed, and earned a key.

Met Sidriss with a giant black cat, the result of a magical accident. They gave her the wand, and watched as Sidriss' attempts got even more disastrous. Received a firestone in exchange.


Chased by Raptor and goblins in the dwarf tunnel who followed them.


At the entrance to Smirkenorff, Raptor and goblins were about to kill Nicola but then the door rises to reveal Smirkenorff, who torches them with a fireball!

Ride to level 2 by giving a firestone to Smirkenorff.

Smirkenroff: 'Say what you like about the opposition - they do singe rather nicely'

Level 2

At the landing, they see Hordriss and Grimaldine throwing fireballs at each other in utmost concentration, so they have to dodge past!


Hordriss stumbles in, completely green, after being struck by a green fireball.

Being rather desperate with his powers fading, he asked the team to get a potion to heal him.


Picked up a divining rod in the clue room and used it to uncover a spyglass. They overhear the combination to the Trial by Spikes.

Gold appears at the beginning of the safe path through the puzzle.

Got a healing potion from Rothberry the Apothecary, who rejected the team's silver for the gold. They called Hordriss. He turns back to normal and they earn a key to level 3.

Entered very dark room with approaching troll step noises.


They needed the 'NightSight', but didn't pick it up from the clue room. Lord Fear laughs...


Lord Fear: "Hahaha... Two-nil, I think. Nice one!"


Team 3: Alex, James, Neil and Richard from London


Team 3's quest was for the shield and lasted 50 minutes.

Level 1

Found Sidriss outside a castle with a giant toad which turned out to be Fidjit.

They agree to help him find a spell in order to turn him back.


On spying they learn that that Lissard has instructed a troll to destroy the dungeoneer.

They find a troll blocking an exit so they run through its legs.

They ask Grimaldine for the spell to turn Fidjit back to normal.

Grimaldine helped them use their key to open a chest, which contained a RESTORE spell.


Down some stairs to the moving block room with no fireballs.

Came to the toad again and used the spell, Fidjit very pleased helps them into the next room where he opens Smirkenorff's doorway.

Level 2

Used spyglass to find that Lord Fear and Lissard have trapped Hordriss in a force field and they would need an 'anode of power' to release him.


Meanwhile a giant troll with a massive axe starts to move.

Brother Strange in the dwarf tunnel advises them to find a witch to get the anode.

On the Trial by Spikes, Romahna shows them the sequence. She warns the team about a grayling.

They see Greystagg and offers her some witch hazel for the anode of power. They get this and advice that they will need to use their glow-light.


In the dwarf tunnel they confront a grayling welding a dagger.

Romahna had warned that they don't usually attack head on - so they point the light at it and charge through.


Freed Hordriss by rolling the anode into the force field.


Hordriss says that they have now completed the level, and reveals the Descender.

Level 3

Descender goes down only 2 levels and the anode is still visible!

Treguard: "Few dungeoneers get this far, team. From this point onwards, every chamber that Alex survives is an achievement."

Alarms go off in the Black Tower of Goth as the team are now in Level 3.


Brollachan says he will destroy them unless they feed his ignorance.

They earn a ride through the sewers from Grimaldine for some information.

Play Your Cards Right.


Near the end, touched the wrong card:


In June 2002, Tom Davis, who is friend of James (one of the advisors in this team) posted on the discussion forum to say that James still had his clipboard note sheets that he wrote during his quest. James later sent in a scan of them.

In August 2000, Neil signed the Guestbook, where he wrote:

Hi! I was part of a 1994 team [sic] that died on the very last screen of the game. I was a fat little schoolboy who thought Knightmare was the greatest show on earth! Looking back at the movieclips brings up all the emotion I felt sitting on that bench!
Oddly enough, my brother (who was also in the team) and I bumped into Treguard outside our local Safeway, 5 minutes from our house. He lives in our town (Pinner, NW London) and was riding a bright red motorbike he had called Smirganoff [sic]. He remembered us. That's all I needed!
All the best.


Team 4: Naila, Aquila, Asmita and Samreen from London


Team 4's quest was for the crown and lasted 32 minutes.

Level 1

Met Marta in the Inn and told her that the person sitting there was Sly Hands in disguise. Sly gave them a horn which can be used to call him.

Got a potion 'of true seeing' from Rothberry and a spyglass in return for silver.


Upon spying, they find out that Grimaldine demands that Brollachan is returned.

Later Grimaldine gives them a firestone for the trip on Smirkenorff in return for the horn they had.

Level 2

Encountered a huge hibernating troll in the valley.

Picked up a talking bookworm.


Nearly killed by Raptor and goblins, but the book gives then a BOLT spell to fireball them.

Used a spyglass to find that Grimaldine has called Sly Hands using the horn they gave him, and slimed him!

Got combination code as well.


Trial by Spikes


Treguard: "It was squares, not steps that fed the combination."

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