Team 7 were the last team of Series 7 and retrieved the Shield.

Team 7: Barry, Simon, Derek and Daniel from Worcestershire

[Continued from the Series 7 Teams page.]

They entered a Level 3 room with two objects enclosed in separate force fields. Exactly the two objects which they need.

Romahna scared off the goblins and then left the room to Barry.


One of the objects was the Shield (the object of their quest) and the other was a Troll Hammer (which they needed to deal with Bulstrode, the Troll that Lord Fear had sent against Knightmare Castle). They had no magic to release either of them, so they called Greystagg.

Barry: "Gwen, Gwen, Gwen."


Greystagg said that she only had the power to release one of the objects. They decided that there is no point getting the Shield if they could not take it back to Knightmare Castle, so asked the witch queen to release the hammer. (By the power of Greystagg...)


With the troll advancing, they escaped into one of Goth's corridors and with nothing else there, Barry took the Fast Backwards potion he picked up earlier. This sent Barry speeding in reverse along his path through the Dungeon, eventually returning to Knightmare Castle just ahead of Bulstrode's arrival.


The troll broke its head through the floor...


Treguard: "Majida - the hammer!"

Troll! Hammer time. Treguard struck the Quest Table with the hammer...


Causing a giant version of the hammer to do the same to the troll. He falls through the Dungeon and lands with a crash.

Majida: "We beat the troll! But, we lose the game?"

Treguard: "Well, it certainly looks that way."


Treguard: "Just a minute... Barry, pass me that shield."

Majida: "That's not the eyeshield."


Treguard: "No, it isn't. And that's strange, because another shield has mysteriously supplanted it!"



Hordriss: "A small reward perhaps, but then you have what few have achieved - the fame."

Treguard: "I wonder how Lord Fear's talking all this."

Hordriss: "Not well, one suspects. Would you care to spy?"


Lord Fear: "Lissard, Lissard! Get me out of here..."

"Raptor! Where are you?..."

"Hands! Hands? Where are you? I'm counting on you..."

"Oh great goblins, is there no-one left?"

Brollachan: "I hunger. Now you will feed me with knowledge. Tell me things. Talk to me - I have so much to learn"

Lord Fear: "TREGUARD! Majida! Barry... I'll get you for this if it's the last thing I DO!"



Treguard: "Hmmm. I'd like to think that that is just the ravings of defeated tyrant, but it's not. As more technology aids magic, so the foul technosorcerer grows more powerful, not less. And the only thing that can really lay him low is when bands of youngsters like yourselves prove brave enough and bright enough to tread the path. It's closing now. When it opens, I'll be waiting. Just don't disappoint me."

Interview with Barry in The Quest: Issue 3-2, Page 6.

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