In Series 7, two teams successfully completed their quests through the Dungeon. Those teams were Team 6 who completed their quest for the Sword (see below) and Team 7 who completed their quest for the Shield (see End Of Series 7 page).

Team 6: Julie, Helen, Samantha and Helen from Staffordshire

They picked up another piece of the Arken Shield in the Play Your Cards Right chamber.


Picked up the final piece just before encountering the Brollachan.


In the next room, Julie found the Sword and Lord Fear appeared.


Lord Fear: "Well, look where you are. You know the trouble with pushy little people like you is you don't know when to quit. Well, I'm, going to take that decision from you."

Since they had retrieved all the pieces of the ARKEN shield (visible in the top-left corner), they had to do something - so they tried holding up the shield shouting out ARKEN, but nothing happened. Just in time, they realised it must be a spell, so they cast it.


The Arken Shield spun around and engulfed Lord Fear!


As Majida panicked over how Julie would get back, Treguard advised that they needed a friendly sorcerer or sorceress. Time for them to make their escape here and summon Greystagg.

As they now had their quest object, they asked for help to get out of the Dungeon. Greystagg gave them a RETURN spell.


They spellcast, and Julie was sent flying through up the Dungeon, back to Knightmare Castle.


Treguard congratulated all, and summoned Hordriss to issue the trophies.

Hordriss: "Treguard! And Julie! And the Sword?! ... A winning quest! I'll be right with you!"


The victorious team members now get a FrightKnight trophy each, instead just one to share as in Series 5 and 6). No more arguing over who gets to keep it then.


Treguard: "Majida, the staff, and let's get this winning team home."

"Congratulations, and farewell."


The Quest Review: Issue 3-1, Page 6

Team 7: Barry, Simon, Derek and Daniel from Worcestershire

Team 7's quest coincided with the end of the series and is covered on the End Of Series 7 page.

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